49 Baby Girl Names That Start With Nee

NeeaOne of the flowers, Lime tree.Girl
NeedahVocal sound or power of speech.Girl
NeehaThe dew droplets, rainGirl
NeehalFresh, newly born or original.Girl
NeeharikaThe one who has nice and good looking.Girl
NeekaUpright, worthy, thoughtful, talented.Girl
NeekiVertical, decent, honest, erect.Girl
NeelaBluish shaded color.Girl
NeelabjaThe lotus flower that grows in the water shore , blue in color.Girl
NeeladreeThe top of the mountain reflects blue color.Unisex
NeelajaRiver which flows from the sapphire peak.Girl
NeelamThe one has dark blue color eyes.Girl
NeelambariLotus floret which reflects blue color.Girl
NeelambikaBlue color of the sky.Girl
NeelanjanaPretty blue color image.Girl
NeelavathiReflects the blue color.Girl
NeeliThe one who is winning the competition.Unisex
NeelieWinner, victor, overcomer, beater.Girl
NeelimaThe sky which reflects blue color.Girl
NeeljaBright blue color.Girl
NeelkamalaThe one who looks like the blue Lotus.Girl
NeelmaThe blue-colored skyGirl
NeelofarLilly which is blooming in the water shore.Girl
NeeloferThe water-lilyGirl
NeelofurThe blooming water lilyGirl
NeelopherLily grown at the shoresGirl
NeelprabbhaGlimmering blue color.Girl
NeeluReflects dark navy blue color or gloomy blue color.Girl
NeelyThe great champion of the nation.Unisex
NeemaThe one who was born in richness.Girl
NeenaDearest one or beloved one.Girl
NeepaResembles a beautiful flower.Girl
NeepabalaFinishing or accomplishment.Girl
NeerThe clean fresh drinking waterGirl
NeeraUnpolluted water or clean water or sugary.Girl
NeeranjanaA woman who is without any bad qualitiesGirl
NeerjaThe lotus bud or lotus blossom.Girl
NeeruThe shining of the light.Girl
NeerudhiResembling consuming fire.Girl
NeesaaLady, female, damsel.Girl
NeeshaDark night or dusky period.Girl
NeeshadBlissful, most happy, contented.Girl
NeeshikaDark period, period after sunset and before sunrise.Unisex
NeetalNever ending, limitless, unlimited.Girl
NeethiThe one has decency and good moralities.Girl
NeethikaThe one who is trustworthy and honest.Girl
NeetiThe one who is reliable and upright.Girl
NeetuGorgeous or pretty or stunning or good looking.Girl
NeevaAnother name of river Narmada.Girl

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