294 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ni

NiaIllumination, Prettiness, DeterminationGirl
NiabiA color or pigment varying around a light grey brown color.Girl
NiaghAn aim or a purposeGirl
NiallaSupporter, supporter, winner, campaigner.Girl
NiamaraA sweet and sugary girlGirl
NiamhThe cleverness or positiveness.Girl
NianaName of an African city in MaliGirl
NiauppamaA beautiful of pleasant personGirl
NiawbrawakaA truthful and kind human beingGirl
NiazminaA girl who dear one or apple of the eyeGirl
NibaalThe mark to indicate the direction.Unisex
NibalThe mark to specify the relation.Girl
NibhaNot unlike, comparable, alike, switch offGirl
NicasiaVictorious lady, champion damsel, woman overcomer.Girl
NiccoleThe success of the nation.Girl
NicetaThe victorious one.Girl
NichaelaA winner or a victorious oneGirl
NicheleBlend of Nichole (victory of people) and Michelle (gift from God)Girl
NichelleThe great champion among the women.Girl
NicholaThe people's hero.Girl
NicholaaThe person who always protect the people.Girl
NicholeVanquisher of the nation.Girl
NicholinaOne who always winsGirl
NichollA triumphant personGirl
NicholleSubjugator of the people.Girl
NickeeThe triumphant or defeater.Girl
NickiConqueror of the people or crowd.Girl
NicolThe feat of the crowd.Girl
NicolaThe defender of the people.Girl
NicolaaThe protector of the peopleGirl
NicolaeThe person who always care for his own people.Unisex
NicolasaThe people who win the title winner.Girl
NicolausThe triumphant winnerGirl
NicolayThe people who always winGirl
NicoleThe winning people.Girl
NicoleneThe people who always win the winner title.Girl
NicoletPeople of victory. A variation of Nicole.Girl
NicoletaTitle winner of the nation.Girl
NicolettaThe champions of the warriorsGirl
NicoletteThe champ of the people.Girl
NicolienThe people who are a championGirl
NicolinaThe winning people.Girl
NicolineThe one who is defending on behalf of the people.Girl
NicollA Dominican Republic spelling for Nicole. It means victorious people.Girl
NicolleThe one who is fighting for the multitude.Girl
NicoloThe winner among allGirl
NidaThe one who stays in prayers.Girl
NidhipaThe precious thing from God.Girl
NidiaDisposed to bestow favours.Girl
NidraSpirit of sleep.Girl
NielThe good news from God.Unisex
NienkeFrisian form of Katherine. It means pure.Girl
NieshaThe one who is still alive and doing extremely well.Girl
NieuA pure or spotless girlGirl
NievaThe one who is spotless and unpolluted.Girl
NieveBight light or shining nimble.Girl
NievesWhite snow flakes fall from the sky.Girl
NigahAppearance, peek, view, safekeeping, attentionGirl
NigarGorgeous, Photograph, portrayal, belovedGirl
NigarishOne who's always on the mind, vision, or fantasy.Girl
NigellaThe name of the flower, one of the floras.Girl
NighatBouquet, fragrance, cologne, Image, eyesightGirl
NightingaleA bird that sings melodiouslyGirl
NightshadeA poisonous purple flowerGirl
NigistiA queen of an empireGirl
NihabSummit, unusual, treasurable.Girl
NihadaCharacter, temperGirl
NiharaSteep descent of water of a river, waterfall.Unisex
NihariDescent, attractive girlGirl
NiharikaThe one who looks very attractive.Girl
NihelTalents, presents, awards, gifts.Girl
NihinsaOne who is innocentGirl
NihlaTalented, skilful, precious.Girl
NiinaExhibiting courtesy and politeness.Girl
NijBy his own, gratitude, grateful.Unisex
NijahA beautiful rose.Girl
NijazaWish or needGirl
NijhuThe period after sunset and before sunrise.Girl
NijoleThe people who always conquest success.Girl
NijuScholar, obfuscator, doctrinaire, obscurantist.Girl
NikaThe one who is for God's purpose.Unisex
NikaiaOne with a victoryGirl
NikaioWho belongs to Daimyo, JapanGirl
NikaraAssembly, gathering, group, crew.Girl
NikeThe deity of champ, the spirit of success.Girl
NikeahOne who wins a warGirl
NikeishaResembling the cinnamon tree.Girl
NikeizaJesus Christ in the triumph of the world.Unisex
NikephorosCarrying victoryGirl
NiketaFailed, Unproductive, Vain, Ineffective.Girl
NikhaziaA triumphant womanGirl
NikhilaWidespread, worldwide, general, complete.Girl
NikhitHigh-pitched, piercing, harsh, severe.Girl
NikhitaEcosphere, domain, ecosphere, universe.Girl
NikiThe title winner of the nation.Girl
NikiaThe victor of the people.Girl
NikiraThe victorious humanGirl
NikitaUnbeatable, supreme, invincible, indomitable.Unisex
NikkieThe people of triumph.Girl
NikkolThe spirit of victory on behalf of nation.Girl

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