29 Baby Girl Names That Start With Nik

NikaThe one who is for God's purpose.Unisex
NikaiaOne with a victoryGirl
NikaioWho belongs to Daimyo, JapanGirl
NikaraAssembly, gathering, group, crew.Girl
NikeThe deity of champ, the spirit of success.Girl
NikeahOne who wins a warGirl
NikeishaResembling the cinnamon tree.Girl
NikeizaJesus Christ in the triumph of the world.Unisex
NikephorosCarrying victoryGirl
NiketaFailed, Unproductive, Vain, Ineffective.Girl
NikhaziaA triumphant womanGirl
NikhilaWidespread, worldwide, general, complete.Girl
NikhitHigh-pitched, piercing, harsh, severe.Girl
NikhitaEcosphere, domain, ecosphere, universe.Girl
NikiThe title winner of the nation.Girl
NikiaThe victor of the people.Girl
NikiraThe victorious humanGirl
NikitaUnbeatable, supreme, invincible, indomitable.Unisex
NikkieThe people of triumph.Girl
NikkolThe spirit of victory on behalf of nation.Girl
NikkosThe winner among humansGirl
NikkyThe conqueror of the nation.Girl
NikoleThe person who is honest and fine looking.Girl
NikoletaThe person who is straightforward.Girl
NikolettThe person who is ingenuous.Girl
NikoletteThe person who is innocent.Girl
NikolinaOne who achieves victory for peopleGirl
NikooThe most dearly one.Girl
NikouThe most dearly one.Girl

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