30 Baby Girl Names That Start With Nil

NilaWho is like YawehGirl
NilahLeader of the heaven's army.Girl
NilakshiThe one who has blue kind of eyes.Girl
NilamResembling the color of light shade of blue.Girl
NilambariThe pleasant blue skyGirl
NilaniThe charming and fascinating Moon.Girl
NilaprabhaBlue shine, blue gloss, blue gleam, blue sparkle.Girl
NilarunaThe first nimble of the sunset evening.Girl
NilashaThe sapphire or full of blue colors.Girl
NilashriLoveliness or attractiveness of blue color.Girl
NilavanyA Gorgeous Girl, good lookingGirl
NilayaHouse or patch or habitation or domestic or homestead.Girl
NildaThe one who is prepared for clash.Girl
NiliThe eternal God of Israel will never lie.Unisex
NilimaThe goddess blue, lover of blue.Girl
NiliniThe winner or champion of the Kuru race.Girl
NilkamalSapphire lotus or blue color lotus flowers.Girl
NilkantaA bluish shaded color, shining blue color.Girl
NilminiAn ambitious woman.Girl
NilofarThe lilies which blooming in the water ponds or rivers or lakes.Girl
NiloferLilly flowers that flourishing in the water places.Girl
NiloofarA beautiful flower of LilyGirl
NilothpalaThe lotus floras that resembling as blue colors.Girl
NiloufarThe lily floras which are prospering in the water ponds.Girl
NilouferSaintly, holy, Godly, spiritually, heavenly.Girl
NilsaDefender or titleholder or champ or winnerGirl
NilshikhaThe top or peak or uppermost part of the blue hills.Girl
NilufarThe lily flower that grows in the lakes or ponds.Girl
NilukshiA self-expressive woman.Girl

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