37 Baby Girl Names That Start With Nir

NiraAlive, lifetime, survival, income, path of life.Girl
NiradharaThe one who is a self starter, not in need of help from others.Girl
NirahankaraThe person who does not have the inflated feeling of pride in their superiority.Unisex
NirakulaThe one who is without nervousness, tension and distress.Unisex
NiralThe person who has balance and control mind under distress.Girl
NiraliOne who is marked by dissimilarity.Girl
NiramayeeOne who is wholesome, fresh, unpolluted and spotless.Girl
NiranjanaFull moon night or spiritual Lord Dhurga or one of the river's name.Unisex
NiranjaniPersonification of warmth or temperature.Girl
NirargalaThe one who is not prevented or slowed.Girl
NiratapaThe dark time or period or place or nightfall.Girl
NirbhauThe one who is without scare, afraid, fear or panic.Girl
NirbhedaThe one without variation or separation.Girl
NirendranathOne of the provinces in France.Girl
NirjaName of a sanskrit flower; LotusGirl
NirmanyuThe soldier at the northern entrance.Unisex
NirmeetEnergetic water which is highly necessary to live in this world.Girl
NirmeshHoneyed and sweet smelling.Girl
NirmlaHoneyed, sweetened, sugary.Unisex
NirogiThe utmost point of a hill.Girl
NiroshenA bright divine lightUnisex
NirubanGlittering light.Girl
NirujaThe radiance of hope.Girl
NirupThe bright shining light.Girl
Nirupamaone who have a divine lightGirl
NirupeshHoneyed, sugary, sweet flavoured.Girl
NirushInitiator of joy and bliss.Girl
NirutHoneyed and sweet smelling.Girl
NirvairYouth and freshGirl
NirvalFresh greenly pasture.Girl
NirvanA recent beginnerGirl
Nirvanathe fresh or new YouthGirl
NirvashBeginner or Fresher.Girl
NirvedCame to this world in the month of November.Unisex
NirviNew comer to the family.Girl
NirvikalpaThe new or the recent oneGirl
NirvikarBight and powerful nimble.Girl

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