20 Baby Girl Names That Start With Nit

NitaIn Hindi it means moral or faithful person. In Spanish it means God's gift.Girl
NitaliA girl who is full of Grace, God is givingGirl
NitaraOne who have the deep rootsGirl
NithiTruth, justice, good behaviourGirl
NithyaThe ethical pathGirl
NithyanThe right or ethical pathGirl
NitiA well-behaved personGirl
NitikaOne who follows the moral valuesGirl
NitinaAn ethical girl, full of moral valuesGirl
NitraTo cut or to burn. Name of a riverGirl
NitsaPeace. One who spread peaceGirl
NituEternal one who reaches the eternityGirl
NitunaA daughter, Dearest daughterGirl
NityaOne who is forever, eternalUnisex
Nitya sundaraThe eternal beautyGirl
Nitya-sundaraNever-lasting beautyGirl
Nityasundarthe beauty that never fadesGirl
NityasundaraThe beauty that never comes to an endGirl
NitzaBlossoming of flowersGirl
NitzahOne who blossomGirl

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