117 Baby Girl Names That Start With No

NoaUndertaking or wave program or indication.Unisex
NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.Unisex
NoamLoveliness or satisfaction.Unisex
NoamiMy happy and my content.Girl
NochtliPrickly pear fruitGirl
NocturneMusic evoking night.Unisex
NoeRelaxation or harmony or concord.Unisex
NoelaHappy Christmas season.Girl
NoelaniFog from paradise.Girl
NoeliaDelightful Christmas time.Girl
NoellaHappy or full of joy Christmas season.Girl
NoelleBirthday of Christ Jesus.Girl
NoemiAgreeable nature or enjoyableness.Girl
NoemiaPortuguese accent of Naomi (pleasantness)Girl
NoemieAgreeableness or satisfaction.Girl
NogahAttractive and beautiful lady.Girl
NoggaPoised and graceful individualGirl
NoggeA person who is quick minded and fertileGirl
NohaThoughtful or kind or accepting.Unisex
NohealaniPrettiest woman from paradise.Girl
NohelyChrist birthday.Girl
NohemiLovely or wonderful or enjoyable.Girl
NohreenOne who is glittering brightlyGirl
NoirinRespectful or honest or decent.Girl
NojoodIntelligent or knowledge, possess excellent skills.Girl
NojoudThe increase in the intelligence or knowledgeGirl
NokomisDearest daughter who looks pretty as the moon.Girl
NolaThe one who has fair complexion.Girl
NolchaReflects the shining sun.Girl
NoleenChrist was born on Christmas day.Girl
NoleneBeautiful and fairer in color.Girl
NoletaLoath , unwilling, hesitant.Girl
NoliciaA strong resemblance wit olive treeGirl
NolwennUnpolluted one from Noal.Girl
NomaCultivator or farmer or sample or model.Girl
NomalangaBrilliant or sunshine light.Girl
NomanDomination or authority or command.Girl
NomasontoWho was delivered or received on Sunday.Girl
NombekoRegard, respect, admiration.Girl
NomedaA girl from the forestGirl
NomiFundamental or basic.Girl
NomsaMarvelous and hallowed person.Girl
NomusaThe one who looks like an eagle.Girl
NomuulaWho is like unto Yahweh (Unchanging God)Girl
NomyThere is none like the creator of this world.Girl
NonaThere is none like the great God.Girl
NoniHungarian form of Michael, the angel of GodGirl
NonieEarnest and tribute.Girl
NonnieWho is like the creator of the worldUnisex
NontleThe ruler of the deep sea.Girl
NoomiThe biggest star of the space (Sun)Girl
NoorThe greatest star ever in the universe (Sun)Unisex
Noor-jehanThe pledge and promise.Girl
NooraThe name of a famous poet.Girl
NoorahWho is like unto the powerful God.Girl
NooralhayaDiscontent towards authority, the one who is resisting control, disagreeable tasteGirl
NooraliWho can stand equal to the most high God.Girl
NooraniyahIn Hebrew, it means a gift from the Almighty. In Japanese, it means the beautiful fragrance.Girl
NoorienA person who help othersGirl
NoorinA short form of "Moder" which means mother.Girl
NoorjahanA person who posses knowledge and gives knowledge, a teacher.Girl
NooruddunyaThe bright light of the universe.Girl
NoorulbasarExcellent, excessive, countless, boundless.Girl
NoorunnisaThe brightness of the womankind.Girl
NooshaEntertaining and pleasurable damsel.Girl
NopharA individual who is filled with happinesGirl
NoraThe person who is possessing righteousness and brightness.Girl
NorabelThe person who is graceful and moral.Girl
NorahThe person who is possessing the quality of honourable.Girl
NoralynThe person who is wonderful and decency.Girl
NorayrA divine and glittering lightGirl
NorbertaThe superwoman from the northern part of the land.Girl
NoreenThe person who is uprightness and sunlit.Girl
NoreenaThe person who is graceful and decency.Girl
NoreenahResembling delicious food item.Girl
NorellFrom the northern land or part.Girl
NorellaThe lady who is possessing integrity and honesty.Girl
NoreneThe person who is entitled to honour and admiration.Girl
NoriThe person who is resembling good moralities and principalities.Girl
NorikoCommandments, instructions, rules, regulations.Girl
NorinaThe shining and sparkling one, worthy and upright.Girl
NorineThe one who is upright and righteous.Girl
NoriogheneLook at God's judgmentUnisex
NoritaTradition, law, act, decree.Girl
NorlaA person who is poised and reservedGirl
NorleneSpirit is my nimble, compassion, misfortune.Girl
NormandyOne of the provinces in France.Girl
NorwoodThe soldier at the northern entrance.Unisex
NoshabaEnergetic water which is highly necessary to live in this world.Girl
NosheenHoneyed and sweet smelling.Girl
NoshiHoneyed, sweetened, sugary.Unisex
NotekynName od a stated; snow clas and filled with lightGirl
NoufThe utmost point of a hill.Girl
NourThe person who has superfluous in whole things.Girl
NouraGlittering light.Girl
NoureddineThe radiance of hope.Girl
NoureenThe bright shining light.Girl
Nourinone who have a divine lightGirl
NoushaHoneyed, sugary, sweet flavoured.Girl
NoushafarinInitiator of joy and bliss.Girl

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