84 Baby Girl Names That Start With Nu

NuritThe plant with full of yellow and red color flowers.Girl
NuriyaNimble, brilliant, ecstatic, excellent.Girl
NuriyahRadiating nimble or brightness.Girl
NurjahanThe bright nimble of the whole world.Girl
NurjamalThe light of the beauty of the personGirl
NurjennaThe bright light of the heavenly paradise.Girl
NurlanLight combined with soldier guardGirl
NurrinThe first female sibling or the eldest sister in the family.Girl
NursuluLight, illuminationGirl
NurulBright, nimble, sunlit, sunny.Girl
NurynThe bright light or nimble.Girl
NusaThe merciful lady or graceful woman.Girl
NusaibaSuitable, correct, accurate, moral.Girl
NusaibahAncient name in Arabian language.Girl
NusaybaA noble person who is an appropriate oneGirl
NusaybahThe one who possess upright and honourable blood line.Girl
NushiSweetened or sugary.Girl
NusretaVictory or helpGirl
NutanNew or freshGirl
NuthanThe fresh one or the new one.Girl
NutiDevotion, tribute, admiration, bond.Girl
NuveenaSpecial and wise leader.Girl
Nuvua"This fictional name was featured in the movie ""The Journey Home""."Girl
NuwaThe founder and the creator of the whole universe.Girl
NuwairaThe petal of the beautiful flowers.Girl
NuwairahTiny flower, little fire, graceful, glow.Girl
NuwayrahThe very small fire place.Girl
NuwwarThe flourishing flowers or blossoms.Girl
NuwwaraPretty flowers and fresh buds.Girl
NuwwarrahThe pretty blooming flowers.Girl
NuzarThe person who is very clear as gold.Girl
NuzhaPreference trip or outing spotGirl
NuzhahDesirable trip or expedition spot.Girl

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