40 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ny

NyaA friend, a companionGirl
NyaguthiiA travelerGirl
NyahMeans the replica or form of a sweet called "Modak" offered to a Hindu deity Ganesha.Girl
NyajaAn inspired and a guardian angelGirl
NyakioA Spanish variant of Mother or womb.Girl
NyalaSpanish version of Modest that means not boasting about one self.Girl
NyamburaBorn of the rain.Girl
NyanjeraBorn on the way.Girl
NyankomagoThe second child after twins.Girl
NyaraiFrench version of the word modest means not praising self.Girl
NyashaItalian and Portuguese version of modest that means not bragging one's achievement.Girl
NyasiaLatin version of the word Modest that means a decency.Girl
NyatheraThe quality of being modest. A moderate of reserve behaviour.Girl
NyawiraOne who is hard working.Girl
NycoleA Sanskrit word that refers to someone pleasing. Someone who brings satisfaction.Girl
NydiaAn alert person, a watchful specially for danger or disorder.Girl
NyeinQuiet, calmnessUnisex
NyekiA new growth of the plant, a recently grown plant.Girl
NyelaA caring person, a guardian. One who defend others.Girl
NyeshaA Tupi word to a sweet person.Girl
NyimboAn Arabic word one who gives respect and honour others.Girl
NylaThe one who is humble and meek.Girl
NylahSomething that she can achieve easilyGirl
NymeriaA warrior queenGirl
NymphaA person who posses love for others. Infatuated toward others.Girl
NymphadoraA beloved young girl, an adorable young girl, a virgin martyrGirl
NymphodoraBride or nymphGirl
NyneveAn Urdu word to the girl,lady who narrates holy saying of the Prophet Muhammad.Girl
NynyueAn entertaining, noble and kind personGirl
NyokaA person who infatuates others. To whom others been attracted.Girl
NyokabiOf the Maasai people.Girl
NyokoCombination of two Sanskrit words "Moha" means infatuation and "Mad" means intoxicated. Thus, it means intoxicated in infatuation.Girl
NyomaSpell variant of Arabic word Mohammed that means glorified person.Girl
NyreeThe most praised person. The most graceful. of the Islamic Prophet.Girl
Nysathe followers of the Islamic Prophet Mohammad.Girl
Nyssathe contentment with Mohammad. The state of being satisfied with Mohammad.Girl
NysseSpell variant of Mohammad that means the graceful of all.Girl
NyuraGraceful, a girl who is graceful.Girl
NyxThe one who is charming and fascinating. Also the of Hindu deity Lord KrishnaGirl

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