479 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter O

A name isn’t just grouping several letters of the alphabet used for identification. Based on the letter and their placements, it can provide enlightening insights into the goals, dreams, and personality of the bearer. Below we’ll break down the meaning behind the letter O according to numerology.

O, along with A, J, and S, is the most powerful and influential letter of the alphabet. It’s associated with six, the ‘mother’ number, which symbolizes service to others, which can be achieved through nurturing, love, and protection. All these attributes influence the O girls significantly.

The O girls are benevolent, truthful, intelligent, and have a magnetic personality. They do not think twice before fighting for their ideals and principles, especially when it concerns the welfare of others. The only drawback of this letter is that the O girls can become a bit ‘drama queen’ at times.

Whether it’s the Italian name Octavia or the Shakespearean name Ophelia, there’s something special about names starting with the letter O. Even MomJunction's list of baby girl names starting with letter O, are anything but ordinary and will make you fall in love with your little angel over and over again. Take a look!

OadiraThe female variant of Mohan that means charming or infatuating.Girl
OaisaraAn Arabic word that means the sword from India.Girl
OakleeThe servant of Lord krishna (a Hindu deity)Unisex
OakleighSouth Indian variant of Mohandas that means servant of Lord Krishna.Unisex
OakleyA charming lamp or a lamp that gives a charming light.Unisex
OakleylOne who cleans the oak meadowsGirl
OaklyKind and compassionate, Lord KrishnaUnisex
OaklynAmerican invented nameGirl
OaklynnAmerican invented nameGirl
OamraFascinating win or a fascinating winner.Girl
OanaA very fascinating light, a light full of charm.Girl
OanezShe who is chasteGirl
OasisOne who merged into Lord Krishna. One who sacrificed himself to Krishna.Girl
OaythThe protector or the guardian or the charming.Girl
ObaidiyahThe charming and fascinating Lord Ram.Girl
ObduliaIt means a Pearl like beauty.Girl
ObedThe people from the flint places. One of American Tribes.Girl
ObedienceOne who is trustworthy, One who can be loved or trusted.Unisex
ObeliaSpell variant of Mohan means a charming or fascinating person.Girl
ObiageliOne who is born into wealth.Girl
ObiomaThe Charm of a King that wins over the hearts of others, One who can win with his charm.Girl
OcaThe splendour or the glory of the most charming King.Girl
OccharThe care or affection of or for the charming king.Girl
OceanSpell variant of Mohinder that means a fascinating king.Unisex
OceanaSpelling variation of Mohinder that means an enchanting king.Girl
OceaneCharm of the God. A person with a high intellectual skills.Girl
OceannaOne who is infatuated or charmed over Lord Krishna.Girl
OceanneThe female version of the Mohit that means infatuated person.Girl
OcheckkaThe one who is intoxicated in infatuation or affection.Unisex
OcieChaste or a virtuous girl.Unisex
OctaviaFemale variant of Mohsin that means a gentle lady who help others.Girl
OctavianaArabic word to a virtuous or a modest man.Girl
OctoberA King or a ruler who assists or helps the humanity.Girl
OdaAn assister of the religion or faith. One who assists in spreading the faith.Girl
OdalisA french variant of the Moses that means drawn out or born of.Girl
OdaniyaAnklet; A decorative jewelery worn in anklets by womenUnisex
OdavwaroI am contentedUnisex
OddaOne who is complete in every aspect.Girl
OddlaugA Polynesian,Hawaiian derivative of Moses that means derived of water.Girl
OddnyThe "Chosen one" or "preferred one". Also the head of a village or society in Arabic.Girl
OddrunA spell variant of Mukhtar that means someone who is chosen or preferred upon.Girl
OddveigMoksha is a Sanskrit word that means salvation or to be relieved.Girl
OdeThe final or the end of salvation, where the person get relieved of all his duties.Girl
OdedaEnjoying or markerd by joy.Girl
OdelaThe follower of the Narayanan.Girl
OdeleThe ruler of the human being.Girl
OdeletteThe guardian of the mankind.Girl
OdeliaThe deity or Lord of whole mankind; Lord Vishnu.Girl
OdelinaThe servant of the guardian.Girl
OdelindaLittle wealthy oneGirl
OdellThe one who is distressed or upsetUnisex
OdellaThe chastisement of terrificGirl
OdelleA hero or a champion who belongs from the SunGirl
OdelyaThe orange citrus berryGirl
OdessaThe Lord Narashimma.Girl
OdetaBlue seaGirl
OdettaManifestation of Lord Vishnu.Girl
OdetteA lion in a form of human. A person who possess the furious powers of a lionGirl
OdiernaA fun loving, great an fantastic beingGirl
OdierneA clever and nurturing human beingGirl
OdikaAnklet; A decorative jewelery worn in anklets by womenUnisex
OdilaThe right path that a person should follow. Also the name of Lord VishnuGirl
OdileA person who follows the right path according to the beliefs and humanity.Girl
OdiliaThe divine Dhurga or divine LaxmiGirl
OdinaNap and impassiveness.Girl
OditiThe daffodil yellow in color.Girl
OdolinaLike the blossom of the pomegranateGirl
OdtsetsegStar flowerGirl
OdvalMongolian word for chrysanthemum flower.Girl
OenoneGuardian of the belief, defender of the confidence.Girl
OeshiExperiencing triumph or having won.Girl
OfeibeaA good communicator who is appreciatedUnisex
OfeliaOne who supports or help others as a friendGirl
OfiliaShield of the trust, minder of the assurance.Girl
OfiraSoft and mild blowing. gentle air moving.Girl
OfraLight wind moving, soft flow of air.Unisex
OgechiA fresh and successful ending of a struggle or contestGirl
OgechukwuThe very new mode of living or a characteristic state, new earthly lifeGirl
OgechukwukamaThis means beginning of a new style of living, start of a fresh human events and activitiesGirl
OgechukwukanaThe time spent worshiping God is the best.Unisex
OghenebrumeGod decided in my favorUnisex
OghenechovweGod aided meUnisex
OghenefejiroGod is praiseworthyUnisex
OghenegarenGod is greatUnisex
OghenekevweGod gave meUnisex
OghenemeMy GodUnisex
OghenemineI look up to GodUnisex
OghenerukevweGod did this for meUnisex
OghenerunoGod has done so muchUnisex
OghenetegaGod is worship worthyUnisex
OghenochukoGod provides my supportUnisex
OghomenaHere is my respectUnisex
OghonoroRespect is greater than moneyUnisex
OgilvyHis leniency and compassion shown towards offenders , disposition to be kind and forgivingUnisex
OgimaGod is Merciful, God is hearing and answering, also it means fresh as well.Unisex
OglesbyNot widely known, especially valued for its uncommonness, not widely distributedUnisex

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