479 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter O

Baby Girl Names Starts With O

A name isn’t just grouping several letters of the alphabet used for identification. Based on the letter and their placements, it can provide enlightening insights into the goals, dreams, and personality of the bearer. Below we’ll break down the meaning behind the letter O according to numerology.

O, along with A, J, and S, is the most powerful and influential letter of the alphabet. It’s associated with six, the ‘mother’ number, which symbolizes service to others, which can be achieved through nurturing, love, and protection. All these attributes influence the O girls significantly.

The O girls are benevolent, truthful, intelligent, and have a magnetic personality. They do not think twice before fighting for their ideals and principles, especially when it concerns the welfare of others. The only drawback of this letter is that the O girls can become a bit ‘drama queen’ at times.

Whether it’s the Italian name Octavia or the Shakespearean name Ophelia, there’s something special about names starting with the letter O. Even MomJunction's list of baby girl names starting with letter O, are anything but ordinary and will make you fall in love with your little angel over and over again. Take a look!

OpalGemstone Opal; Jewel in SanskritGirl
OpalineEmbellishment of OpalGirl
OpameInfinite lightGirl
OpeliOpal gemGirl
OpheliaThe one who has helping hands.Girl
OphiaVery precious personGirl
OphiliaVariation of Ophelia which means HelpGirl
OphiraFemale name of Ophir (expensive gold)Girl
OphrahThe little deer, young deer.Girl
OprahThe back side of the throat.Girl
OraOne of esteem honourGirl
OrabelRequest or appeal or petition or desireGirl
OrabelaThe one who is stunning and pretty, most beautiful.Girl
OrabellaThe one who stays earnestly in prayers.Girl
OrabelleThe one who always uphold everything in prayers.Girl
OrabiliaSubmerged in prayersGirl
OrabilisThe who always lift everything in prayers.Girl
OrablaAlways in prayersGirl
OrableBelieve in the powers of prayersGirl
OrahThe one who resembling as light.Girl
OrainaDerived from the Latin word "gold", the most precious and valuable girl child.Girl
OralThe statements which were given already.Unisex
OraleeBlowing in pasture, windy fieldGirl
OraliMy lightGirl
OraliaPrecious, priceless, golden jewel.Girl
OralieThe light of the sunGirl
OraneThe sun rising up every day, light or sunlit.Girl
OrangeA citrus fruit, also a colorGirl
OraniaThe one who can be seen as Gold.Girl
OratilweThe dearest and darling one.Unisex
OrawinA gracious, poised and gracious beingGirl
OraziaThe one who is watching the time period.Girl
OrchidThe floret which gives a sweet fragrance.Girl
OrdaA sociable and strong willed individualGirl
OrdeliaElf's spearGirl
OrdellThe tiny table knife or bread-knife or bladeknife.Unisex
OreaAlong from the hill side.Girl
OreliaExpensive and glittering as gold.Girl
OrellaMessages from the heavens.Girl
OrendaEnchanted curse or black magic.Girl
OrengaThe citrus fruit of orangeGirl
OrengeThe fruit or the colorGirl
OrengiaHaving the sour and sweet quality of orangeGirl
OreuteA talente, individualistic and versatile beingGirl
OrganaDetermination of rules and regulations.Girl
OriaWho is humble in spirit or manner.Girl
OrialThe person who takes part in an armed rebellion against the constituted authority.Girl
OrianaThe valuable and the precious one.Girl
OrianeThe soft and mild sound of the water.Girl
OriannaAbounding with fog or mist.Girl
OrianneThe one who sleeps well.Girl
OriantheThe one who is courageous with peaceful sleep.Girl
OrianthiA beautiful flower, flower that is prettyGirl
OrielThe person who tolerates and forgiving others.Girl
OriellaFull of life and energy.Girl
OrienFine looking and delightful person.Unisex
OriholtYoung female spouse.Girl
OrinaUntouched or undefiled.Girl
OrindaThe one who studies diligently and like to read a lot.Girl
OrioldIntellectual or spiritual worth.Girl
OrioldaFerns, leaves, palms.Girl
OrioleThe one who supervises over.Unisex
OrionThe one of the trees Kadam.Unisex
OrisaAn angelic manifestation.Girl
OritFree of noise or uproar or making little of any sound.Girl
OrlaThe person who takes the very first step to perform anything.Girl
OrlaghThe feelings of great warmth.Girl
OrlaithThe person with special knowledge.Girl
OrlandaMaster of all above.Girl
OrleanBroken part of the field.Girl
OrlenaThe person who is blameless, innocent and trouble free.Girl
OrlyMy joy, my happiness, my gladness, my enjoyment.Unisex
OrmaNoni means the ninth received child in the family.Girl
OrmandaNinth in the family.Girl
OrnaBright of the domain, Spark of the world.Girl
OrnagrineA nice, impulsive and active personGirl
OrnelaBlack ash treeGirl
OrnellaThe brightness, the nimble, the sunlitGirl
OrnetteLight, cedar treeGirl
OrniceGodly brightness, heavenly dainty.Girl
OrofoiseA person who is excitable and friendlyGirl
OrpahThe bony skeleton of the head of vertebrates.Girl
OrphaHead is full of locks, backside of the neck.Girl
OrphelinA Serpent who is helpfulGirl
OrphilliaOle who help or a serpentineGirl
OrpitaDedication or Divination to GodGirl
OrquideaEnjoyable or pleasurable or entertaining.Girl
OrsaThe woman bear of feminine bear.Girl
OrsinaA bear like person.Girl
OrsolaLittle young girl bear like person.Girl
OrsolyaYoung tiny female bear.Girl
OrtensiaPlants or trees or vegetables or flowers cultivating place.Girl
OrugleA lonely, excited and graceful individualGirl
OrvaAsset as a gold or valued as golden treasure.Girl
OrvaleeA person treasurable as goldGirl
OrvokkiLarge flowered garden.Girl
OrwiyaThe female goat which mostly lives on the hill side.Girl
OrynkoPeace, a woman who is peaceful by nature.Girl
OrzalaThe light and brightness emitted by fire.Girl
OsaThe one who is closer to God, the goddess.Girl

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