480 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter O

Baby Girl Names Starts With O

A name isn’t just grouping several letters of the alphabet used for identification. Based on the letter and their placements, it can provide enlightening insights into the goals, dreams, and personality of the bearer. Below we’ll break down the meaning behind the letter O according to numerology.

O, along with A, J, and S, is the most powerful and influential letter of the alphabet. It’s associated with six, the ‘mother’ number, which symbolizes service to others, which can be achieved through nurturing, love, and protection. All these attributes influence the O girls significantly.

The O girls are benevolent, truthful, intelligent, and have a magnetic personality. They do not think twice before fighting for their ideals and principles, especially when it concerns the welfare of others. The only drawback of this letter is that the O girls can become a bit ‘drama queen’ at times.

Whether it’s the Italian name Octavia or the Shakespearean name Ophelia, there’s something special about names starting with the letter O. Even MomJunction's list of baby girl names starting with letter O, are anything but ordinary and will make you fall in love with your little angel over and over again. Take a look!

OlcayChampion, conqueror, leader, victor.Unisex
OldoozThe Moon, the natural satellite of the earth.Girl
OldwinaThe neckline color is blue.Girl
OleanderThe person who resembles the color of Blue.Girl
OledaThe special skill for the most high almighty God.Girl
OleksandraUkrainian version of Alexandra, meaning protector of men.Girl
OlenaDivided moment, riven second.Girl
OlenciaBlinking of an eye, very short time.Girl
OleneThe overall circumstances or conditions in life. The fortune.Girl
OlenkaSecurely placed or fastened or set.Girl
OleseaNimm is the name of a tree that gives harsh and unpleasant taste of fruits.Girl
Olesiathe person who is showing regard for others in manners, speech, behavior.etc.Girl
OletaThe affection of humility, fondness of humbleness.Girl
OlethaThe person who is remarked by simplicity, having a humble opinion of himself.Girl
OletteHumble spotlight, uncertain spot.Girl
OleviaAn olive branch who represents peaceGirl
OlexaOne who defends mankind, feminine form of AlexanderGirl
OlgaThe holy lightGirl
OliThe olive plant of treeGirl
OliaThe one from the olive treeGirl
OlianaA ornamental poisonous shrubGirl
OlieA mythological or super-natural armyGirl
OlifThe olive treeGirl
OliganaAn individual who is appreciative and belovedGirl
OlikodiThe one who is having fantabulous skills by her own.Girl
OlimpiaThe one who is from the hill Olympus.Girl
OlimpiasThe one who shines at the battle field.Girl
OlinaHappiness, delightful, blissful, cheerfulGirl
OlindaThe one who is possessing sweet smell.Girl
OlineJoyful or jovial or merry or jollyGirl
OlinkaA patient, well behaved and strong willed personGirl
OlisaThe combination of Olivia and Elisa.Girl
OlitaThe one who is able to fly any where.Girl
OliuaLike the olive treeGirl
OliueHave resemblance with oliveGirl
OlivaThe peace of the olive treeGirl
OliveThe one who resembles the olive tree.Girl
OlivetteThe one who admires olive tree.Girl
OliviaThe one who is closer to olive tree.Girl
OliviahThe one who looks like olive tree.Girl
OlivianaThe one who always cares for olive tree.Girl
OliviéWho belongs to the land of olive treesGirl
OlivienneA care-taker of olive treeGirl
OlivineThe one who reminds the olive tree.Girl
OliwiaBear a resemblance to live tree.Girl
OljaSacred or sanctified or consecrated or hallowed.Girl
OllaLooks a lot like olive tree.Girl
OllyELF military or olive tree like.Unisex
OlmaRaising someone, nourishingGirl
OlmoWho lived by the tree of elmUnisex

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