16 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ok

OkalEnglish short form of a Greek "Nicodemus" that means victory of the people.Unisex
OkalaniA person who is the protector of nobility. One who carries the nobility with dignity.Girl
OkapiIt's a Latin word that means a horn. Also an ancient greek word that means pity or mercy.Unisex
OkariaAn individual who is talented young beingGirl
OkeA Latin word that means a horn from the war.Unisex
OkelaniA Hindi word to a pleasant blue sky.Girl
OkeleyA spelling variation of the Neelam or Nilam that means the Blue Sapphire.Unisex
OkelyAn Alder tree that grows himself across the rivers or streams.Unisex
OkemiaA variant of Cornelia that means a war horn. Also the mercy or pity.Girl
OkenaA horn or a pointed horn-like objectUnisex
OkesA willingly strong spirit and a strong and active person with a calm mind.Unisex
OketaTongan word for orchid.Girl
OkiThe Champion in all the fields, a masterGirl
OkimiThe bright shining lightGirl
OkothTalkative person. Sometimes used to refer a crow.Unisex
OksanaMeans the most beautiful women. Also a bright light.Girl

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