38 Baby Girl Names That Start With On

OnThe number one, first numberGirl
OnaThe number one, the first and foremost.Girl
OnaedoThe precious and great child.Girl
OnajiteThis is sufficientUnisex
OnalikaOne of the rivers, the name of a lake.Girl
OnariDignity, respect, integrityGirl
OnatahThe 3rd planet form the sun where mankind live (earth)Girl
OnawaThe great awareness or excessive attentivenessGirl
OndinaVery tiny waves in the large ocean.Girl
OndineResembling the small waves in the big sea.Girl
OndreaPossessing qualities befitting a man or having abilities suitable for a woman.Unisex
OndreeaMannish or masculine or maleGirl
OndriaPossessing the attitudes of a man.Girl
OneekahThe one who is having sparkling eyes.Girl
OneidaPeople of the righteous rock.Girl
OnekkaHaving sparkling bright eyesGirl
OnellaCheerful or admirable or outstanding one.Girl
OnetaFull of mercy or grace, favourableGirl
OngelaThe one who brings good news from heaven.Girl
OniThe God has preferred me.Girl
OnieThe one who was born divinely.Girl
OnikaA courageous soldierGirl
OnikeThe onyx gemGirl
OnimaExamination or investigation or inquiry.Girl
OnishaLord of the mindGirl
OnkarjeetVictory in the name of God.Girl
OnnaGood taste and generosity of spirit.Girl
OnnieThe child who was born in the divine place.Girl
OnnikaLight reflection of nimble or shine.Girl
OnofriaName of an ancient Egyptian God.Girl
OnoharheseWho blames good deeds?Unisex
OnoraThe person who deserves the integrity.Girl
OnsA delicate touch, removal or fearGirl
OntibileThe one who is sheltered by most high God.Girl
OnychaOne with beautiful eyesGirl
Onyekanobody is superior than GodGirl
OnyekachiNo-one is grander than GodUnisex
OnyxDark stone or dusky gem stone.Unisex

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