22 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ora

OraOne of esteem honourGirl
OrabelRequest or appeal or petition or desireGirl
OrabelaThe one who is stunning and pretty, most beautiful.Girl
OrabellaThe one who stays earnestly in prayers.Girl
OrabelleThe one who always uphold everything in prayers.Girl
OrabiliaSubmerged in prayersGirl
OrabilisThe who always lift everything in prayers.Girl
OrablaAlways in prayersGirl
OrableBelieve in the powers of prayersGirl
OrahThe one who resembling as light.Girl
OrainaDerived from the Latin word "gold", the most precious and valuable girl child.Girl
OralThe statements which were given already.Unisex
OraleeBlowing in pasture, windy fieldGirl
OraliMy lightGirl
OraliaPrecious, priceless, golden jewel.Girl
OralieThe light of the sunGirl
OraneThe sun rising up every day, light or sunlit.Girl
OrangeA citrus fruit, also a colorGirl
OraniaThe one who can be seen as Gold.Girl
OratilweThe dearest and darling one.Unisex
OrawinA gracious, poised and gracious beingGirl
OraziaThe one who is watching the time period.Girl

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