28 Baby Girl Names That Start With Os

OsaThe one who is closer to God, the goddess.Girl
OsanaThe person who is being happy, healthy and prosperous.Girl
OsannaPraise be to God or Praise to the most high God.Girl
OsarogieGod is the king.Girl
OsburgaThe name of an ancient lady monarch.Girl
OsgifuThe Noordeep the spot of brightness.Girl
OshaEnglish-American - Bear; Occia is a variant of OshaGirl
OshanaPalm treeGirl
OsheeThe one who is making something smooth and shiny by rubbing or waxing.Girl
OshmaThe quality of being luminous, emitting or reflecting light.Girl
OshmiFree from anything that dulls or dimsGirl
OsianaA little young deerGirl
OsithOne who looks after the people and kingdomGirl
OsithaAn inspirational and idealistic person; very strongGirl
OskLonging or desiring.Girl
OslaOne who came from a steep placeGirl
OslafaAn ambitious, courageous and strong personUnisex
OsloName of a city in NorwayGirl
OslowA ridge; common name of a place in NorwayGirl
OsmaOne who acts like a divine protectorUnisex
OsmanOne who is clever and can excel in anythingGirl
OsnatBelonging to GodGirl
OssennaA creative, happy and versatile personGirl
OssiA strong willed and preserving personGirl
OstaraName of a German GoddessGirl
OsthrydA responsible and practical person; free detailedGirl
OsthrythA responsible and stable person; diplomaticGirl
OstrydName of an omnipotent God; has congenial natureGirl

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