50 Baby Girl Names That Start With Pan

PanagiotaA holy and generous human beingGirl
PanagiotisA person who is like a holy saintGirl
PanalinA derivative from Latin word PannusGirl
PananOne who is made of honey; a heroineGirl
PanayiotaPanayiota is a Cyprus form of Panagiota. It means Holy.Girl
PanchaA free and independent personGirl
PanchabatiOne who is a garden of five banyan treesGirl
PanchadashiIt is a title of vedanta philosophyGirl
PanchadhaA person of five timesGirl
PanchaliOne with five husbands; Wife of Pandavas; Another name of Draupadi; High Born WomanGirl
PanchalikaA name of a Princess; wonderful naturedGirl
PanchamiThe beautiful Goddess ParvatiGirl
PanchamudraAn idol who has five gestures; worshipingGirl
PanchashikhaOne who has five flamesGirl
PanchatapaPractising in the midst of five firesGirl
PanchitaUnique; Saint; Noble; AdviserGirl
PanchvatiThe place beside the river Godavari which is famous for its five huge banayan treesGirl
PandaWisdom; Knowledge; Learning; Brilliance; IntelligenceGirl
PandavikaIt was the name given to Pandava's wifeGirl
PandoraA gifted new born babyGirl
PangfuaClouds in the shape of flower; This is a female Hmong,Mong name which translates to flower cloud;Girl
PanhaA sage like, innocent and important personGirl
PaniMeaning Lord Vishu; PaganUnisex
PaniaName of a beautiful sea maiden in Maori mythology.Girl
PanikaOne who is Shahid; the powerful handsUnisex
PanimaThe individual who is the mother of GodGirl
PaniniA Poet; Well learned Intellectual; SkillfulGirl
PaninnguaqSweet little daughterGirl
PanisiThe pansy flowerGirl
PanitaAdmired; One who feels and expresses admirationGirl
PanizPersian - SugarGirl
PanjaiLots of Love; A Thai name meaning so much of loveGirl
PanjikaA date in the hindu calenderGirl
PankajaLotus; One of many names of Goddess LakshmiGirl
PankajadhariniOne who is a holder of LotusGirl
PankajiniA group of Lotus flowers; water lily collectionGirl
PankajnetraA person who has lotus eyesGirl
PankhadiPetal; Soft and Tender like a Flower PetalGirl
PankhudiA very delicate petalGirl
PankhuriPetal; Soft and Tender like a Flower PetalGirl
PankitaPetal; Soft and Tender like a Flower PetalGirl
PannaThe graceful and expensive gem; emeraldGirl
PansieGreek - Flower; A variant form of PansyGirl
PansyA beautiful flower; the language of flowerGirl
PantheaOne who is all of the GodsGirl
PantxikeLatin - Free; A woman who is freeGirl
PanuOne who admirable and compassionateGirl
PanyaOne who is crowned in victoryGirl
PanyinA name given to the older twinGirl

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