107 Baby Girl Names That Start With Par

ParaOne who is supreme naturedUnisex
ParadisA variant form of Paradise which means heavenlyGirl
ParajikaA sweet and rhyming; a raaginiGirl
ParaleeOrnamental PlantGirl
ParamaThe best; Ultimate; Most SuperiorGirl
ParameshwaThe one who is the supreme God; DurgaGirl
ParameshwariOne of the many names of Goddess DurgaGirl
ParameswariA name given to Goddess DurgaGirl
ParamgeetThe Highest Song Of Bliss; Most divine song; Spiritualy superior songGirl
ParamitaFriend of Others; Best Friend; Best Well WisherGirl
ParamjogOne uniting with the highest; One who is connected with the most ultimate and superior most LordGirl
ParamjotThe Highest Light, God'S Light; Ultimate Divine BrightnessGirl
ParamleenAbsorbed In The Highest, God; One who is engrossed in the ultimate godGirl
ParamparaIt is the succession of teachers to studentsGirl
ParamsimranOne who is the highest worship pointGirl
ParamsundariOne who is the most beautiful personGirl
ParamvirThe Greatest Warrior; Ultimate Defender; Superior Fighter and ProtectorGirl
ParandOne who is as soft as silkGirl
ParaskeviOld Greek - Preparation; A variation of the name ParaskeveGirl
ParastooName of a bird called swallow; a birdGirl
ParatylOne who is lighted like a flameUnisex
ParbaniName of a Goddess who has greatest auraGirl
ParbartiOne who is the daughter of the mountainsGirl
ParbeenCapable; Skillful; Efficient; Intelligent and BrilliantGirl
PareeA fairy; one who gives lightUnisex
PareechehrOne who has the face of a fairyGirl
PareerouOne with beautiful fairy like faceGirl
PareesaOne who resembles like a fairyGirl
PareetLove; Affection; Compassion; The One Who Loves The LordGirl
PareewashA fairy faced personGirl
PariFairy; Angel; One who is filled with goodness and is like a life saviorGirl
ParichehrA girl with a face as beautiful as a fairy.Girl
ParidhiLimit; Boundary; One who controls our lifeGirl
ParigulAngel of flowers.Girl
ParihanA beautiful fairyGirl
ParijanOne with a fair soulGirl
ParikhanOne who is like the fairy queenGirl
ParimalanA fragrant and lovely human beingGirl
ParinaFairy; Angel; One who is filled with goodness and is like a life saviorGirl
ParinazA charming and beautiful personGirl
ParineetiA bird; one who is beautiful like a fairyGirl
ParinitaComplete; One who fulfills our life; One who brings completion and fulfillment in lifeGirl
ParirowFace like a fairyGirl
ParisaAngelic Face; A derived name from Pari which means fairyGirl
ParivitaExtermely free; One who is independent and self standingGirl
PariwarshA girl who is as beautiful as a fairyGirl
PariwishFairy faced, or angelic beauty.Girl
PariyatFlower; Beautiful; Soft and Tender like a flowerGirl
ParizadOne who is born out of a fairyGirl
ParkesOne who is employed in parkGirl
ParkhaDew or tiny droplets of water falling at nightGirl
ParkirOne who is determined and has the preserving natureGirl
ParkkerOne who is the keeper of the farmUnisex
ParkyrKeeper of the farmland; wonderfulUnisex
ParlanPloughman; Farmer; Son of the ploughGirl
ParleyOne who speakes very goodGirl
ParmidaPrincess; Royal descendantGirl
ParmilaName of Arjuna's wifeGirl
ParmindarGod Of Gods; Ultimate GodGirl
ParmitaWisdom; Knowledge; Learning; Brilliance; IntelligenceGirl
ParmjitOne who has won over the ultimate; A variant spelling is ParmjeetGirl
ParnakshiIt means married; eyes like leafGirl
ParnashriLeafy beauty; One of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
ParnaviA sweet song singing birdGirl
ParneetMarried; one who is idealistic and sensitiveGirl
ParniOne who is leafy and delicateGirl
ParnikA creeper or a small leafGirl
ParnikaA small leaf, One of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
ParnitaName given to an auspicious and beautiful apsaraGirl
ParniyanSoft silk, a dress made of soft silk.Girl
ParnoLeafy; a fortunate individualGirl
ParomarshiPretty and beautiful personGirl
ParonelA generous and neutral neutral individualGirl
ParpatiName of a ayurvedic medicineGirl
ParrisA clear sighted and clever individualGirl
ParrishA habitational name; a guardian and loyal personUnisex
ParrkerOne who is the keeper of the parkUnisex
ParrySon Of HarryGirl
ParthavName given to Goddess SitaGirl
ParthaviOne of many names of Goddess SitaGirl
ParthenaOld Greek - Maiden; Virgin; A variant form of the English PartheniaGirl
PartheniaOne who is virgin and ChasteGirl
ParthenopeOld Greek - Maiden; Virgin; A variant form of the English PartheniaGirl
ParthiviOne of many names of Goddess SitaGirl
PartoOne who is the ray of lightGirl
ParuMaster, furnishedGirl
ParulFive petal flower; known for beautyUnisex
ParushiShe who is beautiful and intelligentGirl
ParvA strong and festive individualGirl
ParvaA festive and strong individualGirl
ParvanaA butterfly; naughty and amazingGirl
ParvanahA rare and majestic butterflyGirl
ParvanehPersian - Like a ButterflyGirl
ParvaniA Sanskrit name meaning day of the full moon; Special DayGirl
ParvathiOne who is he the beautiful daughter of mountainsGirl
ParvatiA daughter of the mountainsGirl
ParveenCluster of Stars; A variant spelling is ParvinGirl

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