46 Baby Girl Names That Start With Per

PeraniOne who has idealistic and expressive natureUnisex
PerditaA lost and have a wandering natureGirl
PerdyLatin - Lost; A variant of PerditaGirl
PeregrineLatin - Traveller; Wanderer; A variant form of PeregrinaGirl
PerenelleFeminine form of name PetronilleGirl
PerennaEternal, recurring; Everlasting; EnduringGirl
PeriA name given to a fairy; a fruitGirl
PeridotBirthstone; Yellow Green Gem; Precious StoneGirl
PerihanA name given to the queen of fairiesGirl
PerinLatin - Beautiful Angel; Water AngelGirl
PerlPearl; a dynamic personalityUnisex
PerlaEnglish - Pearl; Precious; A Gem Of The Sea; A variant form of PearlGirl
PerleEnglish - Pearl; Precious; A Gem Of The Sea; A variant form of PearlGirl
PerlieOne who is like a little pearl; precious jewelGirl
PerlineOne who is like a pearlGirl
PermataPrecious stones.Girl
PermazWaiting, wait.Girl
PermeliaOld Greek - All Black; All Sweetness; A variant form of PamelaGirl
PernillaOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of PetraGirl
PernilleThe one who is the daughter of Peter; stoneGirl
PeroneleOne who is of the generous nature and is dramaticGirl
PeronelleOne who is like a little rock or stoneGirl
PerouzeArmenian - TurquoiseGirl
PerpetuaOne who has a continuous personalityGirl
PerriRock; one who traveler at heartGirl
PerrieOne with lot of power and energyGirl
PerrineOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Petra; A diminutive of PerrinGirl
PerrySon of Harry who came from Pear treeGirl
PerrynFeminine form of Peter; Rock, Stone; A variant name is PerrinGirl
PersayisLatin - Little; Humble; A feminine variant of PaulGirl
PersefoniOld Greek - Bringer of death; A variant form of PersephoneGirl
PersengName of a starGirl
PersephoneOne who is born to destroyGirl
PersianA master who is like the shining SunUnisex
PersimmonDry FruitGirl
PersisPersian WomanGirl
PertessaOf the CountessGirl
PertiwiThe earthGirl
PervaizOne who is cool as the breezeGirl
PerveenPleiades or cluster of stars.Girl
PervincaName of a plant called periwinkle; Name of a character in Italian book Fairy OakGirl
PerweurOne with the scientific and inventive personGirl
PerynVariation of a habitational Surname from the place Peryn; A variant of Slavic God PerounGirl
PerynaA serious and studious natured personGirl

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