30 Baby Girl Names That Start With Pet

PetaName given to the Golden EagleGirl
Peta-gayBlessing from heavenGirl
PetalEnglish - A part of a flower's blossom; A variant is PetelGirl
PetalineA variant of Petal; Resembling a PetalGirl
PetiaFrom Petya, a female variant of Peter, which means StoneGirl
PetitName for a small personGirl
PetjaA philosophical and spiritual human beingGirl
PetkaFriday or preparation.Girl
PetraA feminine form of Peter; a stone or rockGirl
PetreaA rock or a stone; a clever beingGirl
PetriOne who is like rockGirl
PetrianaThey are reasonable, nice and educated peopleGirl
PetrinaOne who is like a stone or a rockGirl
PetrinePedar's feminine form; they focus on detailsGirl
PetronelAn impressing and intelligent personGirl
PetronelaPetronela is the Romanian version of Petronilla and means rock.Girl
PetronellOne who is like the solid rockGirl
PetronellaLatin - Country bumpkin; Old Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Petronia; A variant of PetraGirl
PetroniaA clear sighted individual; a rockGirl
PetronillOne who is learned; like a rockGirl
PetronillaLatin - Country bumpkin; Old Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Petronia; A variant of PetraGirl
PetronilleOne who is like a rockGirl
PetroniusYokel; One with an interesting personalityGirl
PetronylA friendly and poised personalityGirl
PetrovaOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of PetraGirl
PettiNoble; Bright; FamousGirl
PetulaTo seed or to attack the enemyGirl
PetuniaName od a trumpet shaped flowerGirl
PetvaOne which is like gold and fireUnisex

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