63 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ph

PhaedraOne who is bright, entertaining and passionateGirl
PhaelynThai - Sapphire; A variant of PhailinGirl
PhaibunTo prosper and flourishGirl
PhaidraOld Greek - Bright; A variant of PhaedraGirl
PhailinThai - Sapphire; A variant of PhaelynGirl
PhairohPleasant soundingGirl
PhalgunaOne of names of Arjuna; One whose birth star is Falguni; Name of a month in Spring Season;Girl
PhalguniFull moon day in the month of Phalgun; One whose birth star is Falguni; Name of a month in spring seasonGirl
PhallonIrish - Grandchild of the ruler;Girl
PhalynA loving personGirl
PhawtaPleasing to the eyeGirl
PheakdeiLoyalty and honestyUnisex
PheakkleyTo have faith.Girl
PheasantAn occupational name;Girl
PhebeShining; Pure; Brilliant; Sparkling; A variant of PhoebeGirl
PhebeeAn attentive, attractive and bright personGirl
PhebianA person who is responsible and practicalGirl
PhenyoOne who always wins and is victoriousGirl
PheobeAn attentive, bright and pure personGirl
PherenikeOne who is the victorious oneGirl
PhericheHabitational name from small town in Nepal located in foothills of mount EverestGirl
PhiaA creative and self-reliant personGirl
PhialaName of a heavenly saintGirl
PhilaOne who depicts brotherly loveGirl
PhilanthaA lover and admirer of flowersGirl
PhilbertaAn intelligent and knowledgeable personGirl
PhileFeminine form of Philon. It means lover or friend.Girl
PhilenaOne who is the lover of nature and mankindGirl
PhilippinaA Goddess of beauty; passionateGirl
PhilisGreek - Loving; Leafy Foliage; Green Bough; A variant of PhyllidaGirl
PhillidaGreek - Loving; Leafy Foliage; Green Bough; A variant of PhyllidaGirl
PhillipaOne who is the lover of horses; a friendGirl
PhillippaOne who is the lover of horsesGirl
PhillipsA lover of horses; to love from the heartGirl
PhillisA leafy and green foliageGirl
PhilmenOne who belongs to the family of PhilipGirl
PhilomeneA person who is loved and nurturedGirl
PhilotaAn inspirational and dramatic personGirl
PhilyraA person who is the born lover of musicGirl
PhirozaArmenian - TurquoiseGirl
PhitsamaiAn adorable woman.Girl
PhoebeA bright and pure individual; interestingGirl
PhoeniciaRed; Purple; Crimson; A variant of PhionixGirl
PhoibeAncient Greek form of Phoebe. It means bright, pure.Girl
PholmaName for a Dove which is a messenger of peaceGirl
PhomelloOne who is born to succeed; mature individualGirl
PhoolaA flower which is about to blossomGirl
PhoolanFlowering; Blooming; Beautiful; Soft and Tender like a flowerGirl
PhotineOld Greek - Light; A variant of name PhotinaGirl
PhryneOld Greek - Toad; A nickname for 4th century BC CourtesanGirl
PhuongEnglish - PhoenixGirl
PhurbaBuddhist religious dagger used for rituals by Buddhist mastersGirl
PhutikaA lovely and beloved individualGirl
PhyliciaA person who has the power of communicationGirl
PhylisA foliage; passive and easy going natureGirl
PhylissA leafy and green foliageGirl
PhyllidaOne who is like Green foliage and boughGirl
PhyllisA name for a green bough; foliageGirl
PhyreOne who can burn bright and shine awayUnisex

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