69 Baby Girl Names That Start With Pi

PiaSomeone from Mount OlympusGirl
PiaarLove, Attachment; Beloved; Dear; One who is close to heartGirl
PiavA place of domestic affectionGirl
PicOne who lives in a refined surroundingsGirl
PicaA habitational name which means a pointed objectGirl
PicaboOne who came out of shining watersGirl
PiedadLatin - Pious; Godly; HonorableGirl
PieraA small stone or a piece of rockGirl
PierinaOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of PetraGirl
PierretteOne who is similar to a rock or stoneGirl
PietaReligious paintings or sculpture; A variant of PityGirl
PietjaOne who is born to provide hopeGirl
PietraOne who is rock solidGirl
PietronellaStone; Rock; A variant form of name PetronellaGirl
PietyOne who is pious and devoted towards GodGirl
PiiaAnother form of Pia; a lover or a sweetheartGirl
PilA ball; one who is filled with devotion and compassionGirl
PilaA pillar, a column of the buildigGirl
PilarSpanish - Pillar; SupportGirl
PilialohaHawaiian - Beloved; LovingGirl
PillanThe God of stormy weatherUnisex
PiluA great bilberryUnisex
PilviFinnish - Cloud;Girl
PimchanBeautiful as the moon.Girl
PinaYahweh will give another sonGirl
PinakiniBow shaped; CurveGirl
PinalGod of childGirl
PinarA fountain or a spring of waterGirl
PinelopiOld Greek - Duck; thread; web; voice; A variant of the name PenelopeGirl
PingOne who is peaceful and has a leveled mindUnisex
PingaOne of many names of Goddess DurgaGirl
PinglaOne of many names of Goddess DurgaGirl
PinjaFinnish - Stone Pine; Estonian PineGirl
PinkA color name, the color pink or roseGirl
PinkaySomething that is pink or pinkish in colourGirl
PinkieEnglish - PinkGirl
PinkyTo be of pinkish colourGirl
PinnaA pinnacle or a crestUnisex
PinnelAn English surname meaning little pine-treeUnisex
PipTo tremble; Lover of horses; A diminutive of PhilipGirl
PipaOne who loves horsesGirl
PipalukThe little one; Sweet Little ThingGirl
PipeneDaisy flower.Girl
PiperA pipe playerGirl
PipereOne who plays the pipeGirl
PiperelA musican playing the pipeUnisex
PipinaThe God will addGirl
PippaShe who loves horsesGirl
PippiGermanic - Perseverant one; one who petitions; A variant form of name PepinGirl

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