81 Baby Girl Names That Start With Po

PoA river in Italy, river PoGirl
PocahontasA playful womanGirl
PoeA person who is like a peacockUnisex
PoesiaLike a piece of poetryGirl
PoesyLike a piece of poetryGirl
PoetOld English - Strife for wealth; spoils of warGirl
PoggeA fish, also called an armed bullheadUnisex
PoiemaSomething made by God; Masterpiece of Art; God's passionate PoemGirl
PoilaOne who has strenghtGirl
PolaFrom Apolonia, meaning a woman of strenghtGirl
PolarisPolaris is the name of the North Star; A star in tip of tail of little bear; Pole StarGirl
PolikaOne with a pure and clear soulGirl
PolinaLatin - Little; Humble; From The Name Pauline; A variant of PaulaGirl
PolisPolis means citizen or body of citizens in GreekGirl
PolissenaItalian form of Polyxena, a Greek name meaning daughter of PriamGirl
PolitaAn intelligent, smart girlGirl
PollA child that was greatly wished forGirl
PollaOne who is like a poppy flowerGirl
PollekinA daughter that was prayed forGirl
PolliOne who is like a sea of bitternessGirl
PollieHebrew - Sea of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished for Child; To swell; A diminutive of MaryGirl
PollyHebrew - Sea of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished for Child; To swell; A diminutive of MaryGirl
PollyanaA rebellious childGirl
PollyannaCompound of the Names Polly and Anna; Bitter and GracefulGirl
PolonaBelonging to ApolloGirl
PolymniaThe Greek muse who inspires hymns; A variant transcription of the name PolyhymniaGirl
PolyxenaOld Greek - Hospitable;Girl
PolyxeniA hospitable person who entertains a lot of guestsGirl
PomanaOne who is like a fruit treeGirl
PomelineRelated to the word Pomme, which means Fruit OrchardGirl
PomonaShe is the fruit of the treeGirl
PonchaliA girl who is priness-likeGirl
PonijaoA person who is cheerful and joyousGirl
PonlokDarling or dearUnisex
PonmaniA girl precious as a precious gemGirl
PonnadaAn Indian surnameUnisex
PonnleuLight or illuminationGirl
PoojaDivine Ritual; Prayer; worship; Spiritual OfferingGirl
PoojyaTo pray to someone, to worshipGirl
PookyA petitte, sweet, cute personUnisex
PoonahA plant pennyroyal that is used in European and Middle Eastern cuisineGirl
PoonamFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant MoonGirl
PoorbiEastern; The Rising side of SunGirl
PoorineetaComplete; FullfilmentGirl
PoornaComplete; FullfilmentGirl
PoornakamalaA lady who is like a blooming lotus flowerGirl
PoornimaFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant MoonGirl
PoorvaEarlier one, Elder, East; Anscestral;Girl
PoorvagangaOne who comes from the River NamradaGirl
PoorvajaShe who is an older sisterGirl

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