15 Baby Girl Names That Start With Poo

PoojaDivine Ritual; Prayer; worship; Spiritual OfferingGirl
PoojyaTo pray to someone, to worshipGirl
PookyA petitte, sweet, cute personUnisex
PoonahA plant pennyroyal that is used in European and Middle Eastern cuisineGirl
PoonamFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant MoonGirl
PoorbiEastern; The Rising side of SunGirl
PoorineetaComplete; FullfilmentGirl
PoornaComplete; FullfilmentGirl
PoornakamalaA lady who is like a blooming lotus flowerGirl
PoornimaFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant MoonGirl
PoorvaEarlier one, Elder, East; Anscestral;Girl
PoorvagangaOne who comes from the River NamradaGirl
PoorvajaShe who is an older sisterGirl
PoorviA classical melody; A variant form of PoorvaGirl
PootliA packet or a bundle of somethingGirl

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