114 Baby Girl Names That Start With Pra

PrabhadaLike the morning beauty; Lady; Wife of SunGirl
PrabhavatiA raagini, Wife of Sun; Like the beauty of the morningGirl
PrabhgunOne having godly merits; One with very good qualitiesGirl
PrabhjeetOne who wins the love of God; God's triumph; A variant spelling is PrabhjitGirl
PrabhjitOne who wins the love of God; God's triumph; A variant spelling is PrabhjitGirl
PrabhjotThe Light Of God; Brilliance, Radiance and Brightness of Light of GodGirl
PrabhkiratDedication To God Through Honest And Hard Work; One who is devoted to GodGirl
PrabhleenAbsorbed In God'S Love; Engrossed in God's LoveGirl
PrabhmeetFriend Of God; One who is a good companion of GodGirl
PrabhnoorThe ultimate light of God; Brilliance, Radiance and Brightness of Light of GodGirl
PrabhpreetSikh name meaning "one who loves God"; One who is devoted to God and is dearmost to himGirl
PrabhroopThe Manifestation Of The Lord; One who is like God; With an appearance of God; A variant spelling is PrabhrupGirl
PrabhrupThe Manifestation Of The Lord; One who is like God; With an appearance of God; A variant spelling is PrabhroopGirl
PrabhsimranAdmiration Of God; Love of GodGirl
PracheetaA starting point, a beggining of somethingGirl
PrachiShe who is like the morningGirl
PradeeptaA glowing, shining womanGirl
PradhaShe who is extremely distinguishedGirl
PradipaShe who shines light like a lanternGirl
PradnyaShe who is full of wisdom and knowledgeGirl
PrafulaIn Bloom; Flowering; Like the season of springGirl
PrafullaTo be in bloom. Also a happy, peasant personGirl
PragahiTo progress, improve, advanceGirl
PragalbhaOne of many names of Goddess DurgaGirl
PragatiProgress; Improve;Girl
PragnyaA well known, famous scholarUnisex
PragunA straightforward person, someone who is honestUnisex
PragyaWisdom; Knowledge; Learning; Brilliance; IntelligenceGirl
PragyaparamitaWise; Intelligent; Knowledgeable; Brilliant; IntellectualGirl
PragyawatiWise; Intelligent; Knowledgeable; Brilliant; IntellectualGirl
PrahasiniA girl who loves smilingGirl
PrairieA person who comes from the flatlandsUnisex
PrajaktaFragnant flower; Sweet Smelling FlowerGirl
PrajnaTo be a wise person. Also a nema of Goddess SaraswatiGirl
PrajvalaA woman who shines brightGirl
PrajyanaA Hindi unisex name, given to both Boys and girlsUnisex
PrakalpA project, a plan or an activityGirl
PrakalpaA plan, program, a projectGirl
PrakhyaOne of very pleasant appearance and looksGirl
PrakritiOne who is beautiful like a natureUnisex
PrakruthiA name meaning weather and natureGirl
PramaKnowledge of truth; Wise; Intellectual; BrilliantGirl
PramadaWoman; Lady; Beautiful and Wise WomanGirl
PramathaOne who is a dancer of heaven, also Lord Shiva's faithful companionUnisex
PramathiTo have wisdom and intelligenceGirl
PramdaA young, joyful womanGirl
PramilaOne of Arjuna's wife; Wise and Intellectual Woman with great worldly knowledgeGirl
PramitiWisdom; Knowledge; Learning; Brilliance; IntelligenceGirl
PramudA feeling of extasyGirl
PranatiDivine Ritual; Prayer; worship; Spiritual OfferingGirl
PranauthiA girl who is like the lampGirl
PranaviOne of the many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
PranayaOne who is born to be a leaderGirl
PranayaaShe is a born leaderGirl
PraneethaAn action of ouring water into somethingGirl
PranetraOne who is a guide, creator of things and a leader of the menGirl
PrangaA Hindi name given to both Boys and girlsUnisex
PranhitaThe name of the RiverUnisex
PranidhiSpy; One who is attentive; NaturalGirl
PranitaOne who is presented to othersGirl
PranithaOne who is presented to othersGirl
PranjaliNamaste Mudra (gesture) Honest; RespectfulGirl
PranjulA person who is truthful and dignifiedUnisex
PranshiAnother name of Goddess LakshmiGirl
PranvutaPraised; Appreciated; Admired;BlessedGirl
PraptiAdvantage; One who benefits; One who is blessed with prosperity and blessings of GodGirl
PrapullaOne whose pleasant and happy smile is shiningUnisex
PrarthanaDivine Ritual; Prayer; worship; Spiritual OfferingGirl
PrascoviaPreparation; A variant spelling is PraskoviaGirl
PrashaShe who bears the mark of loveGirl
PrashansaA praised, acclaimed and adored personGirl
PrashantaA person who is calmedUnisex
PrashanthiOne who has reached the highest form of peaceGirl
PrashantiPeace; Abode of peace; Abode of GodGirl
PrasheethaOrigin, starting point; Beginning; Ancient TimeGirl
PrasheilaOrigin, starting point; Beginning; Ancient TimeGirl
Prashianother name of Goddess LakshmiGirl
PrashviA mark of loveGirl
PraskovyaPreparation; A variant spelling is PraskoviaGirl
PrasoonaA FlowerGirl
PrassanaAn individual who is alwas cheerfulUnisex
PrasunaOne who looks like a beautiful flowerUnisex
PrateekshaHope; Waiting; Wishing for; Desiring; FaithGirl
PrathiaA person whit a very keen intellect or a splendor person; An idealistic and keen intellectual being; brightnessGirl
PrathishOne who was born to rule due to his or hers good behavior and beautyUnisex
PrathyshaA woman beautiful as a dawn, one who is like the sunriseGirl
PratibhaSplendour, Brightness; Radiance; Brilliant; Luminant;Girl
PratigyaPledge, Vow; Promise;Girl
PratikaSymbolic; Nature;Girl
PratikhamiDuryodhana's charioteer; A variant form of PratikaGirl
PratikshaShe who is full of expectations from life and hopefulGirl
PratimaIdol; Like a statue of worshipGirl
PratishtaOne who is has a distinguished, and well establishment status.Girl
PratishthaTo install, Create; A fixature; Hopeful and ExpectantGirl
PratithaA famous, well-known personGirl
PratitiFaith; Hope; Waiting; Wishing For; Desiring;Girl

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