48 Baby Girl Names That Start With Pri

PriaA contracted form of name Prianna which means friend of horsesGirl
PriankaA fovourite oneGirl
PriannaFriend of Horses; Feminine form of name PhilipGirl
PrielaOne who is the fruit of GodGirl
PrijaIntelligence, an intelligent and smart woman.Girl
PrimThe first rose, or the first-born childGirl
PrimaThe first one, the first-born daughterGirl
PrimaveiraA girl born in the springtimeGirl
PrimaveraSpanish - Springtime; Latin - Born at the beginning of SpringGirl
PrimeveireFrench - Primrose; Spanish - Springtime and in Latin it means born at the beginning of SpringGirl
PriminaThe first-born little oneGirl
PrimroseThe very first roseGirl
PrimulaThe very first oneGirl
PrinakaA woman who will bring heaven to the earthGirl
PrincessA girl who is a princessGirl
PrincyA girl born into royalty, a princessGirl
PrisOne with an ancient heartGirl
PriscaShe who is ancientGirl
PriscilaAn ancient womanGirl
PriscillaLatin - Ancient; Archaic; A variant spelling is PriscilleGirl
PriscilleLatin - Ancient; Archaic; A variant spelling is PriscilleGirl
PrishaBeloved; Loving; God's Gift; DearGirl
PrishitaOne that carries the name of GodUnisex
PriskaShe who is an ancient womanGirl
PriskillaLatin - Ancient; Archaic; A variant spelling is PriscillaGirl
PrismaOne who is cherished; Prismah, Prizma and Prizmah are variants of PrismaGirl
PrissyAn ancient or a too picky womanGirl
PritaDear One; Loved One; Affectionate and Caring PersonGirl
PritalDear One; Loved One; Affectionate and Caring PersonGirl
PrithaMother of Pandavas- Kunti; Loved one; Dear OneGirl
PrithibiA woman who loves earthGirl
PrithikaFlower; Loved one; Dearmost; AffectionateGirl
PrithulomaFish; Pisces; Zodiac SignGirl
PritiOne who brings pleasure, love and joyGirl
PritikaA darling, beloved and dear little girlGirl
PritikanaShe is an atom of loveGirl
PritilataThe love's vineGirl
PriyaBeloved; Dearmost; Loved one; Affectionate personGirl
PriyadarshiniDelightful to look at; Dearmost and BelovedGirl
PriyaduttaEarth; Beloved; Dearmost; Loved oneGirl
PriyahBeloved; Dearmost; Loved one; Affectionate person; Spelling variant of Priya.Girl
PriyalaOne who gives love; Dear one; Affectionate PersonGirl
PriyamA person who is honestly belovedGirl
PriyamvadaOne who speaks sweetlyGirl
PriyankaA symbol of love and beautyGirl
PriyanshiOne who is dearGirl
PriyanvadaA person who speks sweetly and dearlyGirl
PriyashaDear One; Loved One; Affectionate and Caring PersonGirl

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