91 Baby Girl Names That Start With Pu

PualaniHawaiian - Heavenly Flower; Royal Offspring; Flower; OffspringGirl
PucaA spirit or a ghostGirl
PucelaA city in Spain that means virginGirl
PudarikakshaFeminine form of Lord Krishna; One with eyes like Lotus; The lotus-eyed one.Girl
PujaDivine Ritual; Prayer; worship; Spiritual OfferingGirl
PujiGentle; Soft and TenderGirl
PujitaDivine Ritual; Prayer; worshiped; Spiritual OfferingsGirl
PujithaA worshippers's prayerGirl
PujyaA person who is worthy of respect and worshipGirl
PulakitaEmbraced; One whose intelligence and brilliance is well acknolwedgedGirl
PulesOne who is like a pigeonGirl
PulikaA girl who behaves well and is obidientGirl
PulishaA sage, wise womanGirl
PulomaDelighted; Happy; Joyous; Name of wife of the sage BhriguGirl
PumaSpanish - Mountain Lion; A variant of Pomo and PoumaGirl
PunaA water springUnisex
PunamFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant MoonGirl
PunarnabaA star-like personGirl
PunarnavaName of a starGirl
PunatiOne graceful and beautiful as a flowerGirl
PundariHoly; Sacred; Pious; Lotus which is flower of divinityGirl
PuneethA person who is pure inside and holyUnisex
PunitaA genuine and sacred personGirl
PunnooseAn Indian name goven to Boys and girlsUnisex
PunthaliA doll-faced girlGirl
PuntheaA gentle spirit.Girl
PunyaAn encouraging, promising person with great luckGirl
PunyagehaA baby girl name of Hindi originGirl
PunyalokaA name meaning Sita and DruapadiUnisex
PunyataBlessing that was rewarded for the work well doneGirl
PuraOne with pure, genuine personalityGirl
PurabiOne whose voice is like the musical noteGirl
PurahanA complete personUnisex
PuralaName of the Goddess DurgaGirl
PuranTo be a complete individualUnisex
PurandhriA Goddess, mother of VedasGirl
PuraviA woman from the EastGirl
PurayanaAn Indian female nameGirl
PurbaAn eastern womanGirl
PurbashaA girl who comes from teh EastGirl
PurezaA genuine and pure womanGirl
PurgavA woman possessing several cows.Girl
PurityAn innocence, cleanness. A pure personGirl
PurlieA girl whose beauty is like a pearlGirl
PurnaThe grain Goddess, or a person who is generous with the foodUnisex
PurneleOne solid and strong as the rockGirl
PurnelleOne who can be comapared to a rockGirl
PurnimaThe night when the Moon is fullGirl

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