23 Baby Girl Names That Start With Pus

PushaA nourishing personGirl
PushpaA female who is flower-likeGirl
PushpagandhaA Juhi flower, Jasmin-like flowerGirl
PushpajaA woman born from the flowerGirl
PushpalataA flowering creeper plantGirl
PushpamA person who is lotus eyed, a flowerUnisex
PushpanjaliAn offering of flowersGirl
PushpavathiSomething that is flower decoratedGirl
PushpinderGod Of Flowers; Lord of FlowerGirl
PushpitaTo be embelished with flowersGirl
PushpyaA blooming flowerUnisex
PushtaFlower petal;Girl
PushtiOne who posseses all the wealthGirl
PuskaraA woman who is like the blue lotusGirl
PuskariniA lake where the lotus flowers growGirl
PuspaA flower blossom-like little girlGirl
PuspadalOne who is like the flower petalGirl
PuspamalaA garland made of flowersGirl
PuspamanjariA girl who is like the flower budGirl
PuspanjaliThe offering of flowersGirl
PuspawatiFemale flowerGirl
PuspitaA woman who has all the qualities of the flowerGirl
PustiOne of the forms of the DevilGirl

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