1469 Baby Girl Names Starting With R

Baby Girl Names Starts With R

A name has a great deal of importance. It will stick with a child for the rest of her life and may even decide what personality traits she may possess. The latter depends on the initial you choose for her. It’s a common belief that the initial of a name defines the future of the bearer. It gives an insight to how efficient she may turn out be and what profession will suit her best. Below we’ll discuss the hidden meanings behind the letter R.

The letter R embodies a gentle, soft, and kind hearted woman. These girls have immense love and fondness in their hearts, not just for their family and friends, but also for the downtrodden and underprivileged. And it’s this trusting and giving nature, which gets them respect from everyone around them. So if you give this initial to your daughter, she’ll always have a positive outlook towards life and will love helping people.

From classics such as Ruth and Rachel to modern names such as Roxy and Rose, below is MomJunction's list of unique baby girl names starting with R that you ought to consider for your little princess. Just pick the one which you feel is right for your daughter.

RachelaFrom Hebrew name Rachel meaning eweGirl
RacheleItalian version of the name Rachel, means eweGirl
RachellA female sheepGirl
RachelleA lambGirl
RachelynHebrew - Ewe; Innocent Lamb; A variant of RachelGirl
RachiMorning, looking eastGirl
RachidaOne of the true faithGirl
RachikaA mirage or a rayGirl
RachilA little lambGirl
RachitaCreated; One who is creative and talentedGirl
RachnaA construstion or a creationGirl
RachylHebrew - Ewe; Innocent Lamb; A variant of RachelGirl
RacitaIndian name meaning the creatorGirl
RacquelA little lamb, eweGirl
RadaRose or joyGirl
RadanaHappy, willingGirl
RadellaElfin counselorGirl
RadenkaTo work.Girl
RadeyahOne who is satisfied with his lifeGirl
RadhaLover of Lord Krishna; Successful; ContentGirl
RadhiaShe who is well satisfiedGirl
RadhikaSuccessful; Content; A variant name of RadhaGirl
RadhiyaShe who is content and satisfiedGirl
RadhiyaaSuccessful; Content; A variant name of RadhaGirl
RadhwaA name of a mountain in MedinaGirl
RadhwaaA place name, a name of a mountain in MedinaGirl
RadiaSatisfied; Content; Fulfillement; Happy and PleasedGirl
RadifaOne who is full of shameGirl
RadiyaOne who is covered with a veilGirl
RadiyahShe who is satisfied and happyGirl
RadkaSlavic - Happy; Peace; Great; Famous; A feminine equivalent of RadkoGirl
RadmilaA sweet happinessGirl
RadmillaShe who works for the peopleGirl
RadomilaA happy and dear personGirl
RadomiraSlavic - Happy; Peace; Great; Famous;Girl
RadoslavaFeminine form of Radoslav, meaning eager glory.Girl
RadwaA name of a mountain in MedinaGirl
RaeaHebrew - Ewe; A variant of RachelGirl
RaeannHebrew - Ewe; A variant of RachelGirl
RaeanneAn ewe, a female sheepGirl
RaechelAn innocente lambGirl
RaedaOne who is guided by the faithGirl
RaedselfAn elfin counselorGirl
RaeganOne who makes good decisionsGirl
RaegenhereA judge or deciderGirl
RaehaA parfume, fragranceGirl
RaekhShape; Line; Limit; A variant form of RekhaGirl
RaeleahA ray of sunshineGirl
RaeleighaA modern combination nameGirl
RaelieA QuillGirl

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