1469 Baby Girl Names Starting With R

Baby Girl Names Starts With R

A name has a great deal of importance. It will stick with a child for the rest of her life and may even decide what personality traits she may possess. The latter depends on the initial you choose for her. It’s a common belief that the initial of a name defines the future of the bearer. It gives an insight to how efficient she may turn out be and what profession will suit her best. Below we’ll discuss the hidden meanings behind the letter R.

The letter R embodies a gentle, soft, and kind hearted woman. These girls have immense love and fondness in their hearts, not just for their family and friends, but also for the downtrodden and underprivileged. And it’s this trusting and giving nature, which gets them respect from everyone around them. So if you give this initial to your daughter, she’ll always have a positive outlook towards life and will love helping people.

From classics such as Ruth and Rachel to modern names such as Roxy and Rose, below is MomJunction's list of unique baby girl names starting with R that you ought to consider for your little princess. Just pick the one which you feel is right for your daughter.

RaghidahA pleasant girlGirl
RaghnilEnglish name for girlsGirl
RagiA loving personGirl
RaginiShe who has an attractive voiceGirl
RâgîtdleGreenlandic form of Rachel, meaning ewe.Girl
RagnaA Goddes or a warriorGirl
RagnellGoddes of warGirl
RagnfridOf the Gods.Girl
RagnheiðurAdvice, a woman who is good at giving advices.Girl
RagnhildAdviser in a battleGirl
RagniMelody; Tune; Musical RhythmGirl
RagnildOld Norse - Goddess or Warrior; All-knowing PowerGirl
RagyaA composed and calm womanGirl
RahaA peace of mindGirl
RahabBiblical - Proud; Quarrelsome; Broad; LargeGirl
RahafA delicate oneGirl
RahanaSweet basilGirl
RaheebahA woman who is generous and open hearted.Girl
RaheelTo go on a journeyUnisex
RaheelaShe who leaves, travelsGirl
RaheemaA tenderhearted girlGirl
RaheemahA kind and merciful womanGirl
RahelHungarian name meaning eweGirl
RahelaOne who shows the wayGirl
RahibaA nunGirl
RahifaA sharp oneGirl
RahilaShe who travelsGirl
RahilahA woman who departs and leavesGirl
RahimaShe who is compassionateGirl
RahimahA merciful companionGirl
RahimatehOne who is full of graceGirl
RahiqA nectarGirl
RahlaA happy and joyous girlGirl
RahmaGirl who is graceful and kindGirl
RahmaaShe who forgivesGirl
RahmahA merciul oneGirl
RahmiOne who is merciful and compassionate.Girl
RahmiyaA compassionate and kind woman.Girl
RahnaShe who is alluringGirl
RahneTo give advice or councelGirl
RahniA queenGirl
RahsheaA young antelopeGirl
RahshedaTurkish name meaning uprightGirl
RahsheitaArabic nameGirl
RahshiaA young antelopeGirl
RahumahA woman who is kind, merciful and compassionate.Girl
RaiaArabic name meaning hopeGirl
RaianaA king or a rulerGirl
RaidaAn explorerGirl

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