44 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ras

RasaA dewGirl
RasanRaindrops from the skyGirl
RasdeepLamp of the elixirGirl
RaseeLife fullfiled with happinessGirl
RasgunOne who delights in the elixir of virtuesGirl
RasgurOne who attaines the elixir of enlightenment; One who delights in the elixir of virtuesGirl
RashaA young gazelleGirl
RashadaShe who is on the right pathGirl
RashakaliA painted mark on the bridge of noseGirl
RashanaA creationGirl
RashaqaOne who is gracefulGirl
RashaunaSplendid flower of God; Strong Defender; ShieldGirl
RasheaA young antelopeGirl
RashedahRightly guided oneGirl
RasheedaOne of true faithGirl
RasheedahWise and mature oneGirl
RasheetaMuslim name meaning piousGirl
RasheikaOne of the royal bloodGirl
RashekaHealed by GodGirl
RashelHebrew - Ewe; A variant of RachelGirl
RashelleHebrew - Ewe; A variant of RachelGirl
RashiCollection; Cluster of celestial star positions signifying good luck and fortuneGirl
RashidaThe righteous oneGirl
RashidahA pious oneGirl
RashiedaShe who is guided rightlyGirl
RashiekaOne who is descended from royaltyGirl
RashikaProtector of all GodsGirl
RashiqaOne of royal lineGirl
RashmiSun Rays; Ray of light; Radiance and Brightness; Brilliance of sunshineGirl
RashmikaSun Rays; Ray of light; Radiance and Brightness; Brilliance of sunshineGirl
RashonaGod's favouriteGirl
RasiaQueen; Royalty; From the Royal Family; Regal; Latin - Rose;Girl
RasikaAesthetic; Sugarcane juice; Connoiseur;Girl
RasikhaA connoisseurGirl
RasimaA planer, designerGirl
RasinaA composed and calm womanGirl
RasjogOne who has union with elixir of naam; Elixir of naamGirl
RasleenOne absorbed in the elixir of naamGirl
RasmiA ray of lightGirl
RasminA symbol or a sketchGirl
RasmiyaOne who is ceremonialGirl
RasmiyahA ceremonious womanGirl
RasnaTongue; Speech; Ray;Girl
RasnamOne who drinks the elixir of naamGirl

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