162 Baby Girl Names That Start With Re

ReaA flowing stream of water, a brookGirl
ReachA beautiful woman.Girl
ReadaOne who is a redhead, mostly used as a surnameGirl
ReaksmeyShining and sparklingGirl
ReananWelsh - Great Queen; A variation of the name RhiannonGirl
ReannaGermanic - Counsel; Advice; Welsh - Great Queen; A variation of the name RhiannonGirl
ReanneA woman who makes a great QueenGirl
ReathaA woman of excellence and virtueGirl
RebaOne who puts traps and baits peopleGirl
RebatiOne who is like the star from the skyGirl
RebbecaA trap, a snare or a baitGirl
RebecaA woman who baits menGirl
RebeccaOne who makes trapsGirl
RebeccahA snare or a trap makerGirl
RebeckaA woman who traps and baitsGirl
RebeckahHebrew - Cattle Stall; To Tie; Variation of the name RebeccaGirl
RebekaA trapping, baiting womanGirl
RebekahHebrew - Cattle Stall; To Tie; Variation of the name RebeccaGirl
RebekkaA girl who traps and baitsGirl
RebekkahShe who traps and baits peopleGirl
RebhaA woman who sings praises of othersGirl
ReboraOne who brings victory to peopleGirl
RebqahAssyrian form of Rebecca. It means to bind or connect.Girl
RechemayA very old female name used in Medieval EnglandGirl
RedOne of red skin or red hairUnisex
RedaA man who was favoured by the LordUnisex
RedeemA woman who has redeemed herslefGirl
RedellA woman who comes from the red meadowGirl
ReedaA fovored, popular and loved personGirl
ReehamOne who is like a very light rainGirl
ReemOne who is like a beutiful gazelleGirl
ReemaA woman who is like a white antalopeGirl
ReenaA woman known for her beautyGirl
ReenuAmiable and Cooperative; Friendly and supportive; CordialGirl
ReeseAn intense, fiery personGirl
ReetulTalented; Skilled; Expert and Efficient; A variant of name RitulGirl
ReevaOne who guides people like a river or a starGirl
RefijaShe who is tall and pretty.Girl
RefikaFriend or companion.Girl
RefugioOne who is a refugeGirl
ReganneLittle Ruler; Regal; Descendant of Riagan;Girl
RegenaA reagal woman who is the QueenGirl
ReginaA woman who is the QueenGirl
RegineA Queen of all menGirl
ReginiOne who is the QueenGirl
RegnaTo advise and to make a decisionGirl
RehabAn open-minded and generous personUnisex
RehamA girl pretty as the dew on the flower in the mornignGirl

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