162 Baby Girl Names That Start With Re

RenieA baby girl who was born againGirl
RenildaTo have the wise strenghtGirl
RenildeA bearer of the wise strenghtGirl
RenillaA Medieval English name for the QueenGirl
RenitaA woman full of dignityGirl
RenmaniA girl name of Hindi originGirl
RennAn individual who was rebornUnisex
RenniceOne who is like the Reneaissance periodGirl
RenoweTo make famous; A derivative of Renomer and a Old French variant of RenomGirl
RenuIt means atom; one who is systematic and practicalGirl
RenukaLord Vinshu's sixth reincarnationGirl
ResA red-headed womanGirl
ResaLatin - Laughter; Old Greek - Hunter; Harvester; Guardian; Women from Therasia; A derivative of the name TheresaGirl
ReshaAn endless straight lineGirl
ReshamA woman who is as soft as a silkGirl
ReshikaA woman who brings light into your lifeGirl
ReshmaSilken; Silky and ShinyGirl
ReshmaanA woman made of silkGirl
ReshmanA silky skinned womanGirl
ReshmiA silk-like womanGirl
ReshtinaTruthful, a stern believer of truth.Girl
ResiA woman who harvests, gathers. Can also mean the woman who huntsGirl
ResmiA girl who is just like a silkGirl
RessieA harvester, a collector, one who takes the cropsGirl
RetaA talker, an orator, one who speaks wellGirl
RethaCan be short from Aretha-meaning exellence and righteousness, or from Margaretha meaning pearlGirl
RethabileWe are happy, HappyGirl
RettaGermanic - House Owner; Lord of the manor; Latin - Lover; Beloved; A variant of RhettaGirl
ReutHebrew - Friend; Companion; Neighbor; Herb Of Grace; A variant form of name RuthGirl
RevaThe woman who movesGirl
RevathiThe star that brings prosperityGirl
RevatiA woaman who is like the star of prosperityGirl
RevekaAn absolutely captivating womanGirl
RevekkaHebrew - Cattle Stall; To Tie; Variation of the name RebeccaGirl
RevelA word name, meaning to celebrate, to take pleasureGirl
ReverieOne who daydreams and contemplates a lotGirl
RevinEscape or flightGirl
RevitalHebrew - Be full of Dew; Be saturated with dew; A variant of RavitalGirl
RevonA person who is dark as a ravenUnisex
RevondaA woman who comes from SaxonyGirl
RewaA slim, slender, elegant womanGirl
RewanSoul, adult or properlyGirl
RewatiA prosperous starGirl
RexellePersian - Bright; Dawn; Light; A variant spelling of RexellaGirl
RexineA graceful queenGirl
ReyaSinger - A variant of name RiyaGirl
ReyahA nice scent. Also means a triumphian and victorious oneUnisex
ReyanneA derivative of name Rayan which means the wise oneGirl
ReyesSpanish word meaning kingsUnisex
ReyhanA plant name, a basilGirl
ReyhanaMeans basil. Also Prophet Muhammad wife's nameGirl
ReyhanehShe who is flower-likeGirl
ReynOne who rules, governsUnisex
ReynaGermanic - Counsel; Advice; Latin - Queen; A spelling variant of name RainaGirl
ReynaeGermanic - Counsel; Advice; Latin - Queen; A spelling variant of name Raina and variant of ReynaGirl
ReynaldaA Queen of peopleGirl
ReyneAn European surname. Can mean: to rule, the ruling couselor, queen or rath chainUnisex
ReynildaA woman counselor of the warGirl
RezanA clear and birght womanGirl
RezinaOne who is like a QueenGirl

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