183 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ri

RiA female singerGirl
RiaSpanish - Mouth of River; A variant spelling is Rhea; A short form of name MariaGirl
RiadhA home garden, a place of the meadowsGirl
RiahnA female name for baby girls that is of Arabic originGirl
RianaAn Queen who is compared to a GoddessGirl
RiannA Queenly oneGirl
RiannaCeltic - Descendant of Rian; Welsh - Great Queen; A derivative of the name RhiannaGirl
RianneAn excellent, skillful Queen, a GoddessGirl
RiannonA skillful, great QueenGirl
RianorixA great Queen of all KingsGirl
RicaOne who is ruler at homeGirl
RicardaA woman who is powerful and strong as a rulerGirl
RiccaOne who is peaceful QueenGirl
RiccardaA woman who rules stronglz and powerfulyGirl
RicciA woman who is ever-strongGirl
RicelaA female counselor, adviser, who is very strongGirl
RichaPeaceful Ruler; Ruler Forever; Rich; A variant of RicaGirl
RichaelA saint's nameGirl
RichardaPeaceful Ruler; Ruler Forever; Rich; A variant of RicaGirl
RichardeOne who rules with dominationGirl
RichardineA powerful and dominant rulerGirl
RichelPeaceful Ruler; Ruler Forever; Rich; A variant of RicaGirl
RichelaA woman who is a powerful and strong rulerGirl
RicheleA woman who rules people with power and strenghtGirl
RichellaPeaceful Ruler; Ruler Forever; Rich; A variant of RicaGirl
RichellePeaceful Ruler; Ruler Forever; Rich; A variant of RicaGirl
RichemayaAa very old, Medieval English girl nameGirl
RichemeyaA medieval English name given to girlsGirl
RichenzaA wealthy, rich femaleGirl
RichiaPeaceful Ruler; Ruler Forever; Rich; A variant of RicaGirl
RichilA girl who is a very powerful rulerGirl
RichildA woman who rules with great powerGirl
RichileneA woman who leads people with her powerGirl
RichithaAn alternative spelling of name Rishitha, meaning the BestGirl
RichmalA powerful woman who leads menGirl
RichmallePeaceful Ruler; Ruler Forever; Rich; A variant of RicaGirl
RicholdaA woman who is mighty and powerful in a battleGirl
RickaPeaceful Ruler; Ruler Forever; Rich; A variant of RicaGirl
RickelleFrom hebrew, meanin a female cheep, an eweGirl
RickiOne who is a peaceful and complete ruler of menGirl
RicolaA female name associated with being powerfulGirl
RicoldaA girl who is in some way linked with with power and the kingsGirl
RicoleA woman who brought victory to peopleGirl
RicquieA woman who ruled peacefulyGirl
RiculaOne who rules with a wise counselGirl
RidaA God-fearing pious person who is devoted to GodUnisex
RidahOne selcted and preferred by the GodGirl
RiddhiFortunate; Prosperous; Rich; Wealthy; LuckyGirl
RidhimaA person full of prosperity and lovingGirl
RidhwaanaA woman filled with pleasure and acceptanceGirl
RidhwanaA woman of great pleasures and acceptanceGirl
RieJapanese - Blessing; Value; A variant form of RiaGirl
RiecaAn ever-strong woman who is a ruler at homeGirl
RieceAn ethusiastic womanGirl
RieckaAn eternal female rulerGirl
RieganLittle Ruler; Regal; Descendant of Riagan;Girl
RiekaA woman who has the power of the wolf, or a woman who holds the power of homeGirl
RiekoJapanese - Blessed Benefit Child;Girl
RielA woman who finds her strenght in GodGirl
RielleOld English - Rye Field; A variant of name RileyGirl
RielynA leon-like companion or friendGirl
RiesaA woman with beautiful laughterGirl
RifaA feeling of happiness and prosperityGirl
RifahThe feeling of dignity and elevationGirl
RiffatOne who has high status in society, a holder of superior rankUnisex
RifkaOne who is bonded and tiedGirl
RifkahA bounded womanGirl
RifnaAn angel faced princessGirl
RifqaA person of gentle and kind personalityUnisex
RigaItalian - Variant of Greek RigasGirl
RigmorGermanic - Rich; Powerful; Ruler; Spirit; Courage; Maid; A variant is RigmoraGirl
RihaA free womanGirl
RihabA wide, spaceous placesGirl
RihamShe who is like the light rainGirl
RihanA nice smell, fragnance, parfumeUnisex
RihanaA sweet smell of basilGirl
RihannaA woman who smells goodGirl
RiinaRiina is the short form of Katariina. It means pure.Girl
RijaA woman of great desire and hopeGirl
RijakTradition; Way; Sustenance; Custom; Ritual; HabitGirl
RijjaA woman of heaven's beautyGirl
RijutaA honest and innocence womanGirl
RikaA woman who is going to stay strong foreverGirl
RikeOne who is a ruler by heritage and powerGirl
RikildaA woman who is powerful in battleGirl
RikildeShe who is strong and powerful in battleGirl
RikitaA very clever and wise young womanGirl
RikkaJapanese - Dominant Ruler; Rich Powerful RulerGirl
RikkuJapanese - Dominant Ruler; Rich Powerful RulerGirl
RikkyOne who is a complete leader and rulerUnisex
RikoA daughter of the JasmineGirl
RileaA brave and valiant womanGirl
RileeA courageous and brave womanGirl
RileiA gallant and brave womanGirl
RileighA gallant, nnoble and valiant girlGirl
RiliShe is from the rye fieldGirl
RilieA courageous and brave individualUnisex
RilieghA valiant and courageous noble girlGirl

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