184 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ri

RilieghA valiant and courageous noble girlGirl
RillaGermanic - Small Brook; Spanish - to Sparkle; A variant form of MarillaGirl
RilleA long channel on a moon or planetGirl
RillettaA small river, a currentGirl
RilletteA stream, a currentGirl
RilliaShe who comes from the smal brookGirl
RillieA girl from the brookGirl
RilyA person who dwells in the rye fieldsUnisex
RilynnA brave heart of a womanGirl
RimA woman graceful as a white antelopeGirl
RimaOne of many names of Goddess DurgaGirl
RimelA composed womanGirl
RimiThe woman who is beautifulGirl
RimildaA glorified maiden of the battleGirl
RimildeA dame who found glory in the battleGirl
RimjhimA woman who is like a rainGirl
RimjimShe is like a rainGirl
RimnaA tender and composed womanGirl
RimonThe color purlple, pomegranteGirl
RimonaHebrew - PomegranateGirl
RimshaA beautiful bouqet of flowersGirl
RinA cold, severe and dignified personUnisex
RinaGreens from the Village; Song; Joy; It has a Sanskrit meaning as melted or dissolvedGirl
RinahA song that is full of joy. A happy songGirl
RiniOne who is like a little sweet bunnyGirl
RinkuA sweet natured personUnisex
RinoaOne who is a tourch of light in the darknessGirl
RinsletAn individual who is clever and stable mindedGirl
RioghnachA woman who is a ruler, a royal, a QueenGirl
RionaCeltic - Queen; A variation of name ReinaGirl
RionneOne who brings victory with their strong counselGirl
RiotA word name, meaning a riot, a turmoil, an uprisingUnisex
RipalA compassionate and merciful loveUnisex
RiqbahA name of the prophet's wifeGirl
RiquaPeaceful Ruler; Ruler Forever; Rich; A variant of RicaGirl
RisaOne whose laughter is like the songGirl
RishaSaintly; Divine Worshippers; A variant form of name RishiGirl
RishelleOne who likes to feel restedGirl
RishikaSaintly; Divine Worshippers; A variant form of name RishiGirl
RishimaOne who is like the silver beams of MoonGirl
RishitaSaintly; Divine Worshippers; A variant form of name RishiGirl
RishmaSaintly; Divine Worshippers; A variant form of name RishiGirl
RishmithaSaintly; Divine Worshippers; A variant form of name RishiGirl
RishonaOne who is the first in lineGirl
RishuOne who rises above others with her honestyGirl
RishyamukMountain on which Sugriva lived; Mountains mentioned in Hindu Puranas where apes livedGirl
RisicaOne who is like a giftGirl
RisikaA gifted personGirl
RisnaA wise and blackhaired, dark womanGirl
RitaOld Greek - Pearl; Way of life; A variant of name MargaretGirl

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