184 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ri

RithaOld Greek - Excellence; Virtue; Pearl; A derivative of the name ArethaGirl
RithikaA brass or one who comes of a streamGirl
RitiA beutiful memoryUnisex
RitikaA joy that the truth bringsGirl
RitishaGoddess of TruthGirl
RitsikaA woman who is very traditionalGirl
RituOne of the four seasons of the yearGirl
RituparaThe season of the leafsGirl
RituparnaA leafy season of the yearGirl
RitvaThe branch of the treeGirl
RitviLady Indian priest, right guidance, scholar. The one who has completed Vedas.Girl
RitzaShe who gives everything to protect the peopleGirl
RivaFrench - Shore; Bound, Riverbank; A short form of the name RebeccaGirl
RivenTo tear something into piecesUnisex
RiverA word name, meaning someone who is like a riverUnisex
RiveraHabitational name for someone who lives near the RiverUnisex
RiverlynA made up name, meaning one who is like a riverGirl
RiversA word name, the plural of riverUnisex
RivieraThe bank of the riverGirl
RivkaA deceptive one, a snareGirl
RivkahOne who snaresGirl
RivkieOne who traps and bindsGirl
RixaA germanic girl name with lost meaningGirl
RiyaA female singer of great graceGirl
RiyahA powerful, ritch and brave ruler and leaderGirl
RizaHe who fears God and is full of virtueUnisex
RizmiOne with a big heartGirl
RizpahOne who is like a coalGirl
RizqinOne who has good fortuneGirl
RizwanOne who is pious and devoted to GodUnisex
RizwanaOne who is a beautiful guardian of ParadiseGirl
RizwiA deeply religious womanGirl
RizzoOne with curly hairUnisex

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