295 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ro

RoanaReddish-brown skin; One who has a beautiful reddish brown skinGirl
RoannaA woman sweet as a roseGirl
RoanneA little red-haired and ruddy girlGirl
RoaseOne who reached fame in his lifeGirl
RobabehA musical instrument's nameGirl
RobbeeA biright light of fameGirl
RobbeyOne who is famously acclaimedUnisex
RobbynA flame that burns brightlyGirl
RobeeOne who glows like a burning flameGirl
RobeenaA glowing and famous womanGirl
RobenaA shinning, glowing fameGirl
RobeneShe whose fame is glowingGirl
RobeniaA woman of shinnig fameGirl
RoberlieA rare made up name, that means a woman who is known for her glowGirl
RobertaA woman who is acclaimed and glowingGirl
RoberteShe who is well-known for her glow and fameGirl
RobertenaA renowly famous womanGirl
RoberteneShe who is known for her fame and brithnessGirl
RobertiaA girl who will be famous and shinningGirl
RobertinaA young, little famous and bright oneGirl
RobetteGermanic - Bright Famous one; Famously Famous; A variation of the name RobertaGirl
RobinaShe who glows of fameGirl
RobinettaShe who burns with fameGirl
RobinetteShe is glowing from powerGirl
RobiniaA woman whose fame is brightGirl
RobynaShe is bright and a famous womanGirl
RobynetteA little woman who is famous and brightGirl
RobynnShe is an illuminated, glowing, well-known womanGirl
RobynnaShe is a glowing and well-known womanGirl
RoccaFeminine form of Rocco. It means rest.Girl
RocelinShe who is hard and strong as a rockGirl
RochanaSweet words, one who is very sweet with the words.Girl
RochelShe is a rock-like womanGirl
RochelleA woman who is like a rockGirl
RochiOne who brings and gives lightGirl
RochildaA beautiful stoneGirl
RocioOne who is like a dewGirl
RocketEnglish - Rocket; Jet-propelled TubeGirl
RodericaA woman who is a legendary leaderGirl
RodicaA fertile womanGirl
RoenaA fame that brings happiness and blissGirl
RoenneA woman who brings fame and blissGirl
RoepA call of cryGirl
RoesiaA woman who is like a roseGirl
RogelynA created, modern American name with no specific meaningGirl
RogeneA person who has a legendary spearUnisex
RoheenAn Iron-strong womanGirl
RoheisA true image of a womanGirl
RoheisiaTo see a true image of a womanGirl
RoheseA legendary female horseGirl
RohesiaA woman who is like a famous horseGirl
RohiAn ascending manGirl
RohineOne who is sparkling with fameGirl
RohiniOne who is like the stars and the moonUnisex
RohitaA daughter of Lord BrahmaGirl
RoisiaOne who is like arosary, like beadsGirl
RoisinA beautiful and little roseGirl
RojaRose Flower; RedGirl
RojanKurdish word for dailyGirl
RojinOne who is like a sun, prettyGirl
RokildaA german baby girl nameGirl
RoksanaShe who is bright as a downGirl
RolaA name of the Arab tribeGirl
RolandaA woman who is very famous and notableGirl
RolandeShe is legendary and famous girlGirl
RollandeGermanic - From the famous land; Renowned; Famous Land; A variant form of name RolandaGirl
RomaanaA woman who is from a RomeGirl
RomaiciaOne who is like a bouqet of flowersGirl
RomaineA woman who is from RomeGirl
RomaisaShe who is like a bunch of flowersGirl
RomanaA Roman womanGirl
RomaneA name of the Roman womanGirl
RomanitzaOne from Rome.Girl
RomeAn Italian city, an ancient city of RomeUnisex
RomeekaA girl who is from an ancient city of RomeGirl
RomeesaA woman with a heaven's beautyGirl
RomenaShe who comes from the city of RomeGirl
RomhildaA glorious battle maid.Girl
RomiA Roman young girlGirl
RomikaA girl of the skyGirl
RomilOne who is renowned in the landsUnisex
RomildaA battle maid who found her gloryGirl
RomillyA Boy from RomeGirl
RomilyShe who is from RomeGirl
RominaOne who comes from the land of the ChristianitysGirl
RominahPomegrante colour, a shade of purpleGirl
RomolaA maiden from RomeGirl
RomonaOne who has protecting handsGirl
RomulaOne who is a Roman womanGirl
RomyA person from Rome, or can also mean RosemaryUnisex
RonaHebrew - Joy is mine; Old English - Fame; Friend; Spear; Pike; White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Fair Haired; A variant spelling of RhonaGirl
RonaKurdish word for illuminationGirl
RonaeleOld Greek - A name formed by spelling Eleanor backwards;Girl
RonaleahA woman who is a great counselorGirl
RonaleeOne who is a healer from RomeGirl
RonatCeltic - Resembling a SealGirl
RondA tree of a sweet scentGirl
RondaWelsh - Good Spear; Grand; A spelling variant of name RhondaGirl
RondalynA made up modern nameGirl

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