108 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ros

RosA woman with the qualities of a roseGirl
RosaA woman who is like a dewGirl
RosabelA beautiful roseGirl
RosabellaBeautiful as a roseGirl
RosabelleA woman who is a beautiful roseGirl
RosaeliaThe rose of a GodGirl
RosalbaShe who is like a white roseGirl
RosaleahA Roman citizensGirl
RosaleeShe who lives in a rose gardenGirl
RosaleenShe is a garden full of rosesGirl
RosaleighShe is a roseGirl
RosaliLatin - Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosaliaLaitn - Rose; Germanic - Horse Shield of lime wood; pretty roseGirl
RosaliceA woman noble as a roseGirl
RosaliciaOne with the nobility of a roseGirl
RosalieLatin - Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosalinaA girl with a lips of a roseGirl
RosalindLatin - Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosalindaA woman pretty as a roseGirl
RosalineShe is as pretty as a flower roseGirl
RosalvaWoman who is a write roseGirl
RosalynLatin - Rose; A variant form of name RosaliaGirl
RosalyndA woman soft and tender as a rose's petalGirl
RosalynnA horse who is gentle as a roseGirl
RosamariaOne who is a rose, a dew of a seaGirl
RosamondA protection of the horsesGirl
RosamondeA variation of the name Rose. It means rose.Girl
RosamundGermanic - Horse protector; Rose of the world; Pure Rose; A variant form of name RoseGirl
RosamundaWhe who is like the wild rosesGirl
RosamundeA woman who is a wild roseGirl
RosanaA woman graceful as a roseGirl
RosangelaA woman who is like an angel roseGirl
RosangelicaAn angelic roseGirl
RosannA favor and a grace of a roseGirl
RosannaA gift and a grace of a rose flowerGirl
RosannahA favor and grace like a rose'sGirl
RosanneA loveliness of a roseGirl
RosariaA lady of the rosaryGirl
RosaritaAn uncommon name that means rosaryGirl
RosarjaA rosy womanGirl
RosaryA garden made of rosesGirl
RosauraOne who is a roseGirl
RoseA beautiful flowerGirl
RosealynA beautiful and gorgeous roseGirl
RoseannA rose flower that is graciousGirl
RoseannaA rose full of favor and graceGirl
RoseanneLatin - Rose; Graceful Rose; A combination name of Rose and Anne; A variant spelling of the English name RosanneGirl
RoseenA rosy girlGirl
RoseiaOne as gorgeous as a roseGirl
RoselA woman of rosesGirl
RoselenShe who holds the beauty of the rosesGirl
RoseletOne who reselmbles a roseGirl
RoselieA woman who resembles a roseGirl
RoselinA woman whose hair is as red as a roseGirl
RoselinaShe who resemles a roseGirl
RoselineA pretty of a roseGirl
RosellaShe who has all the beauty of a roseGirl
RoselleShe who posseses the roses beautyGirl
RoselmaA famous rose-like womanGirl
RoselynWoman with rose-red hairGirl
RoselyneA woman with cheeks and lips of a roseGirl
RosemahOne who is as beautiful as a rose.Girl
RosemarieA sorrow,bitter roseGirl
RosemaryA bitterness and sorrow of a roseGirl
RosemondA pure rose of protectionGirl
RosemondeA pure protection that the rose like woman givesGirl
RosemundaShe is a protector as pure as a roseGirl
RosenCornish word meaning rose.Girl
RosenaA woman who looks and smells like a roseGirl
RoseneA rosy looking young girlGirl
RosenwynCornish word meaning fair rose.Girl
RosephanyeA woman whose beauty makes her like a roseGirl
RosesPlural of rose. Many rosesGirl
RosettaA small, little, but beautiful roseGirl
RosetteA petitte woman who is like a little roseGirl
RoseyShe who is much like a roseGirl
RoshanBrightness of the lightUnisex
RoshanaA woman who is bright like a light of a dawnGirl
RoshanakStar of magnificence; Shining Star; Luminous Beauty; Lovely Flare; Bright LightGirl
RoshaneyPeople who are celebrated among other menGirl
RoshinaThe one who gives lightGirl
RoshiniA lightess and brightessGirl
RoshnaA bright glow of a womanGirl
RoshniShining and glowing of a girlGirl
RosiShe looks exactlly like a roseGirl
RosiaTo resamble a roseGirl
RosicaOne who is like a little dew dropGirl
RosieA flower name, the most beautiful of allGirl
RosinaWoman who is like a little roseGirl
RosineWoman who is like a flower, like a roseGirl
RositaOne sho is like a baby roseGirl
RositsaDew drops on a rose flowerGirl
RoslynShe is is like the most beautiful roseGirl
RoslynnShe who hold the rose's beautyGirl
RosmertaA Goddes of fertility and abundanceGirl
RosnaiA woman who is like a bolt of lightningGirl
RosniA lightning womanGirl
RossaBeautiful Flower; A variant of RoseGirl

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