195 Baby Girl Names That Start With Ru

RuOne who is like a scholarUnisex
RuaOne perfect as a Goddess ParvatiGirl
RuaaAn invisible womanGirl
RuanaMusical Instrument with a stringGirl
RuariAn Irish red-haired rulerUnisex
RubaOne who lives and comes from the hilGirl
RubaaA woman who lives in the hillGirl
RubabThe benefitial profits of blessingsGirl
RubabaAn Arabic name that means RoseGirl
RubabahA flowery and rosy girlGirl
RubadahA woman who is a gift of heavenGirl
RubainaA glowing and shining personGirl
RubalineA gemstone of deep red colourGirl
RubanA very bright womanGirl
RubayA daughter of the MuawGirl
RubeeA woman who is like a red gemstoneGirl
RubeinaA waterfall of loveGirl
RubiOne who is like a red gemstone, like a rubyGirl
RubiaA colour of the rubyGirl
RubiannaA ruby-like personGirl
RubieA woman who is like a rubyGirl
RubielaShe is a rubyGirl
RubinAn ability of sight, a sonGirl
RubinaA woman who is like a ruby red gemstoneGirl
RubiniA woman full of cutenessGirl
RubiyaAn arrival of the spring seasonGirl
RubyA precious red jewelGirl
RubyeA woman who is precious like a rubyGirl
RuchaA woman who is full of light and brightnessGirl
RuchelOne who is the ewe of GodGirl
RuchikaA girl who is greatly desired for her shine and beautyGirl
RuchiraA brifht woman who has great tasteGirl
RuchitaA woman who is pleasingGirl
RudabehName of a Persian mythological female figure in the epic Shahnameh. The name means river or water.Girl
RudainahA very old Arabic name for a girlGirl
RudaynahAn old Arabic girl nameGirl
RudiOne who has the fame of the wolfGirl
RudieOne whose fame is like a wolf'sGirl
RudinaOne who is like a lgendary wolfGirl
RudoA feeling of loveUnisex
RudolfaA legendary female wolfGirl
RudraLord Shiva's consortUnisex
RudrakaliA name of the Goddess DurgaGirl
RudrakshiA name of ParavatiGirl
RudraniLord Shiva's wifeGirl
RudrapriyaGoddess Durga's nameGirl
RueHebrew - Friend; Companion; Neighbor; Herb Of Grace; A variant form of name RuthGirl
RufaidahOne who felps and supports othersGirl
RufaroA feeling of true happinessGirl
RufayahHadith's early studentGirl
RufaydaA female peer of the ProphetGirl
RufaydahOne who supports AllahGirl
RufinaA woman who is of red hairGirl
RufqaSomething that gives benefit.Girl
RuguA woman who is soft and tenderGirl
RuhaimahA compassionate and merciful woman.Girl
RuhamaA receiver of mercyGirl
RuhamahA beloved person who received mercyGirl
RuhanA spiritual and kind-hearted oneUnisex
RuhaniA spiritual, divine personGirl
RuhaniyaA woman filled with spiritualityGirl
RuheeA woman who touches your heart with her soulGirl
RuhiOne with a beutiful soulGirl
RuhiaA soulful womanGirl
RuhieA calm and composed girlGirl
RuhinA spritual womanGirl
RuhinaOne who smells like a perfumeGirl
RuhiyaA woman of great spirits, a spritual oneGirl
RuhmA daughter of the narrator of HadithGirl
RuhmaA woman of kind and merciful natureGirl
RujitaA woman known for her beautyGirl
RujulaAn endower of the wealthGirl
RujutaA woman of honesty and sincerityGirl
RukanA person with a steady natureGirl
RukayatOne who the Allah lovesGirl
RukhailahA name of the Sahabi who fought in the battle of Badr. Also means an eweGirl
RukhaiyabanuThe name of the Akbar's second wifeGirl
RukhaylahA name for both Boys and girlsUnisex
RukhiA girl who is kind of own heartGirl
RukhilaOne who loves her heartGirl
RukhminiA name of the Goddess LaxmiGirl
RukhsanaA woman with beautiful cheeksGirl
RukhsarA woman with pretty face and cheeksGirl
RukhsaraA girl whose cheeks are prettyGirl
RukmOne who is decorated with goldGirl
RukmiA name of Lord KrishnaGirl
RukminiA woman adorned, decorated with goldGirl
RuksanaA gorgeous and lovely persian princessGirl
RukshaA girl who is beautifulGirl
RulaOne who is a model, an exampleGirl
RuliA braclet of a kindGirl
RumAn alcoholic dring popular with piratesUnisex
RumaOne who is a Queen of apesGirl
RumailahAn ancient Arabic nameGirl
RumaisaShe is like a bouquet of flowersGirl
RumaithahA name of SahabiyahGirl
RumaylahAn ancien female Arabic nameGirl
RumaysaA name for the Sirius starGirl
RumaytaA narrator of HadithGirl

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