2873 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter S

Congratulations on the birth of your little princess. You must have searched through all the baby name books for the perfect name for your daughter. But if you’re still struggling, let us suggest something. How about choosing a name starting with the letter S? This letter, with its strong, yet feminine sound is highly popular for baby girl names. And it even has some positive characteristics associated with it. To know more, keep reading!

The letter S stands for a woman with a strong and unyielding spirit. The creative ideas and desire for expansion give S girls the courage to go forth on their path with decisiveness and originality. So by giving this initial to your daughter, you’ll be giving her the ability to withstand hardship and make it through challenging times with ease.

However, their intense spirit can make them quick-tempered especially when they feel life’s getting out of balance. So you may have to teach your little girl not to lose hope and strength no matter how adverse the situation is.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, or want to give your daughter a modern name, there are loads of unique baby girl names starting with S to choose from in MomJunction's list. So peep on!

SaabiraA woman who is patient and eduringGirl
SaachA truthful, beloved and graceful personGirl
SaachaA person who helps and defends peopleUnisex
SaachiA person who is beloved because she speaks the truthGirl
SaadaA helpful personGirl
SaadaatPeople who are lords, leaders and superiorsUnisex
SaadetA person who is generaly happy in lifeGirl
SaadiqaOne who tells the truth.Girl
SaadiqahA sincere and truthful personGirl
SaadiyaA person of good fortuneGirl
SaagnikaFiery, passionate, or with fireGirl
SaahiraA wakeful personGirl
SaahirahEarth, moon, or spring which flows constantlyGirl
SaaidaOne who is lucky in lifeGirl
SaaimTo go without food, to fastGirl
SaaiqaA lightning in the skyGirl
SaajA worshiper of GodGirl
SaajidaA deovted worshiper of GpdGirl
SaalihaA uselful and good personGirl
SaalihahA righteous and pious personGirl
SaalimaA safe, secure personGirl
SaameyahA pure womanGirl
SaamiyaAn elevated womanGirl
SaanaA place name, the name of the mountain in FinlandGirl
SaanjaliA hand that is claspled in a prayerGirl
SaanjhAn evening, a latter part of the dayUnisex
SaanviName of the Goddess LakshmiGirl
SaanvikaA name of Goddess LakshmiGirl
Saar-rahLady whose charming manner brings joy.Girl
SaaraA noble-born woman, a princessGirl
SaaraaShe is like a PrincessGirl
SaarahA noble woman, a PrincessGirl
SaariEmpress, a PrincessGirl
SaariyahShe who is like the clouds at the night skyGirl
SaaryaName of a pious womanGirl
SaashaA defender of mankindGirl
SaatUrdu name meaning moment, timeGirl
SaatvikaName of Goddess DurgaGirl
SaaviniThe name refers to the month of Saavan.Girl
SabaA soft breezeGirl
SabaaMuslim name for Eastern windGirl
SabanaShe who is from the open plainGirl
SabayaA morning lightGirl
SabbahArabic name of morningGirl
SabburahA girl with a patient and enduring personality.Girl
SabeehaA beautiful forenoonGirl
SabeehahAn afternoon of beautyGirl
SabeenA cool morning breezeGirl
SabeenaShe who is beautifulGirl
SabeeraA tolerant, patient girlGirl
SabeeyaAn Arabic name for girlsGirl
SabeeyahA little girl, baby girlGirl
SabelA black, sleek personGirl
SabelaGod is perfectionGirl
SabeliaName of an ancient tribe in Italy.Girl
SabelinaA sleek oneGirl
SabelineA black oneGirl
SabellaGod is my vowGirl
SabeqwaArabic girl nameGirl
SabhaShe who is gracefulGirl
SabiA young girlGirl
SabiaA catlike womanGirl
SabibaA sabineGirl
SabienOne from a triba SabineGirl
SabihaAn afternoon of beautyGirl
SabihahA beautiful oneGirl
SabinA SabineGirl
SabinaA Latin girl nameGirl
SabineOne who belongs to a Roman tribe personGirl
SabinoA Sabine person; sober and intellectualGirl
SabiqaGod-Fearing and Devoted to GodGirl
SabiqahA Sindhi term for past.Girl
SabiraThe patient oneGirl
SabirahOne who is of great patienceGirl
SabitaA beautiful sunshineGirl
SabithaThe one who shines beautifulyGirl
SabitriOne who is related to sun; a beautiful personGirl
SabiyaOne of the morningGirl
SableThe black oneGirl
SabohiA drink in the morningGirl
SaboohaShe who shines brightGirl
SabooreeOne who is full of contentmentGirl
SabqatA supreme oneGirl
SabraA name meaning to restGirl
SabrahThe one who is restingGirl
SabrangA rainbowUnisex
SabreenOne who is beneficialGirl
SabreenaOne who is beneficialGirl
SabriaOne from CyprusGirl
SabrinaLatin name for the River SevernGirl
SabrineA legendary princessGirl
SabriyaShe who is patient and kindGirl
SabriyahOne who is restingGirl
SabriyyaArabic name meaning to rest, restingGirl
SabrynaSabryna is the Jamaican version of Sabrina and means princess.Girl
SabuhiThe morning starGirl

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