2873 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter S

Baby Girl Names Starts With S

Congratulations on the birth of your little princess. You must have searched through all the baby name books for the perfect name for your daughter. But if you’re still struggling, let us suggest something. How about choosing a name starting with the letter S? This letter, with its strong, yet feminine sound is highly popular for baby girl names. And it even has some positive characteristics associated with it. To know more, keep reading!

The letter S stands for a woman with a strong and unyielding spirit. The creative ideas and desire for expansion give S girls the courage to go forth on their path with decisiveness and originality. So by giving this initial to your daughter, you’ll be giving her the ability to withstand hardship and make it through challenging times with ease.

However, their intense spirit can make them quick-tempered especially when they feel life’s getting out of balance. So you may have to teach your little girl not to lose hope and strength no matter how adverse the situation is.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, or want to give your daughter a modern name, there are loads of unique baby girl names starting with S to choose from in MomJunction's list. So peep on!

SaburaShe who is enduring and patientGirl
SabynA person from the Sabine tribe, from central ItalyGirl
SacagaweaNative American name meaning Bird WomanGirl
SachaThe defender an helper of menUnisex
SachikaOne who is kindGirl
SachikoThe child of good luck and happinessGirl
SachitaA person who is both happy and consciousGirl
SachithA person with good mind and heartGirl
SacniteWoman beautiful and pure as the white flowerGirl
SadaThe woman who is the pure oneGirl
Sada shivaThe auspicious, pure personUnisex
SadabhujaThe name of Goddess DurgaGirl
SadafOne who is like the shell of the seaGirl
SadahThe most fortunate womanGirl
SadakaSwahili name meaning "A spiritual offering"Girl
SadakoThe child that is chaste and of integrityGirl
SadbA sweet and goodly personGirl
SadbhA good and sweet womanGirl
SadeHonor bestowes the crownGirl
SadeekaA person of honesty and truthfulnessGirl
SadeeqaA woman who is both a friend and a companionGirl
SadetaFelicity, fortune, joyGirl
SadgatiThe felling of liberation and freedomGirl
SadhanaIndian name meaning practice or meansUnisex
SadhbhA sweet and lovely young womanGirl
SadhiA wife who is devotedGirl
SadhikaA person who achieves thing in lifeGirl
SadhnaOne who practices a lot, who finds the meansUnisex
SadhviA virtuous girlGirl
SadiaThe woman who is righteousGirl
SadiahOne of good fortuneGirl
SadidaThe right thingGirl
SadieA princess, noble womanGirl
SadikaShe who is loyal and truthfulGirl
SadikiShe who is faithfulGirl
SadiqaA sincere, truthful personGirl
SadiqahShe who speaks the truthGirl
SadiraShe who is dreamyGirl
SadiyaLucky, blessedGirl
SadiyyaA girl of good fortuneGirl
SadoofName of a poetess.Girl
SadoohA singer, one who likes to singGirl
SadufA sea shellGirl
SadyaShe who is blessedGirl
SadyeA princessGirl
SaearahBritish girl nameGirl
SaeburgAn individual who is amusing and boldGirl
SaeeA female friendGirl
SaeedaA spirit of the forestGirl
SaeedahA sweet, pleasant personGirl
SaeedehA pleasant girlGirl
SaefuglA insigtful and dynamic beingGirl
SaegifuOne who has dynamic and strong natureGirl
SaekoA serene childGirl
SaeshaThe truth of lifeGirl
SaethrithAn individual who is individualistic and creativeGirl
SaethrydAn idealistic and fnergetic individualGirl
SaethrydaA stable natured and responsible personGirl
SaethrythA reticent and amazing beingGirl
SaewaraAn alluring, well mannered and emotional beingGirl
SaeyvaA skillful, vigilant and youthful personGirl
SafaShe who is pure and innocentGirl
SafaaOne who posesses purityGirl
SafaiaThe sapphire stone or the color blueGirl
SafakA Turkish girl nameGirl
SafaraAn African name meaning fireGirl
SafariA journey, an expeditionUnisex
SafeeyaOne who fears GodGirl
SafereOne who looks like a bird; beautifulUnisex
SafetaClean or pureGirl
SaffahThe pure oneGirl
SaffanahMuslim name meaning pearlGirl
SaffiA wise personGirl
SaffineA jewel, a gemGirl
SaffronA yellow flowerGirl
SaffroniaEnglish name meaning saffronGirl
SaffyA wise oneGirl
SafiaA pure personGirl
SafieA wise womanGirl
SafijaBosnian form of Safiya, meaning clean and pure.Girl
SafinazShe who is pureGirl
SafiraSpanish name for sapphireGirl
SafireOne who is like a sapphireGirl
SafiwahA tranquil womanGirl
SafiyaOne who is pureGirl
SafiyahA pure, untroubled womanGirl
SafiyeA genuine personGirl
SafiyyaOne who is a confidante and a best friendGirl
SafiyyahShe who is pure and innocentGirl
SafoorA pious, god-fearing womanGirl
SafraA genuine and pure womanGirl
SafrankaSaffron flower.Girl
SafunThe feeling of breezeGirl
SafuraThe wife of the Prophet hazrat MusaGirl
SafwaThe finest and the best girl of them allGirl
SafwahThe girl who is the finest, best, an elite girlGirl
SafwanaShe is like a rock, a stoneGirl
SafyaOne who is a true sincere friendGirl
SagaThe all-seeing oneGirl

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