2873 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter S

Baby Girl Names Starts With S

Congratulations on the birth of your little princess. You must have searched through all the baby name books for the perfect name for your daughter. But if you’re still struggling, let us suggest something. How about choosing a name starting with the letter S? This letter, with its strong, yet feminine sound is highly popular for baby girl names. And it even has some positive characteristics associated with it. To know more, keep reading!

The letter S stands for a woman with a strong and unyielding spirit. The creative ideas and desire for expansion give S girls the courage to go forth on their path with decisiveness and originality. So by giving this initial to your daughter, you’ll be giving her the ability to withstand hardship and make it through challenging times with ease.

However, their intense spirit can make them quick-tempered especially when they feel life’s getting out of balance. So you may have to teach your little girl not to lose hope and strength no matter how adverse the situation is.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, or want to give your daughter a modern name, there are loads of unique baby girl names starting with S to choose from in MomJunction's list. So peep on!

SagalOne like the Morning starGirl
SagaraA woman who is like the oceanGirl
SagariOne of the oceanGirl
SagarikaA woman born in the oceanGirl
SagedaThe name means "Sageda is"Girl
SageuaThe Lord is graciousGirl
SageueGracious is the LordGirl
SaggaThe seeing oneGirl
SagheeraA submissive and yielding womanGirl
SagheerahA small, minor thing in lifeGirl
SaghiraSmall, tender and slender womanGirl
SaghiraliA tender and slim womanGirl
SagiraA pettite womanGirl
SagirahThe wone who is little, pettiteGirl
SagittariusOne who is an archerUnisex
SagivSomthing great or sublimeUnisex
SagrarioA church, a a tabernacleGirl
SagunaA virtuous womanGirl
SahabThe clouds in the skyGirl
SahalieThe sky, or the high heavenGirl
SahanaA patient individualGirl
SahaniA woman who is a brideGirl
SaharThe AwakeningGirl
SaharaThe name for a desert or a dawnGirl
SaharahArabic word for desertGirl
SahasraThe new begining, a new chance in lifeGirl
SahbaOne who is like a wineGirl
SaheefaA written page of the bookGirl
SaheenaA gift of GodGirl
SahejA natural, original womanGirl
SaheliShe who is a friendGirl
SaherAwekening of the dawnGirl
SahibaLady or a wifeGirl
SahibahA respected womanGirl
SahikaIndian name meaning peakGirl
SahilaA guide, someon who knows the pathGirl
SahimaShe who is in snowGirl
SahimahA partner, a companionGirl
SahinaShe sho is a princessGirl
SahiqaLebanese term for rain.Girl
Sahiraperson who spends the night without sleep, especially when taking care of a sick person or in worshipGirl
SahirahOne who is awakeGirl
SahitaThe Lord Saibaba MessageGirl
SahityaThe literate one, some one sho appreciates literatureGirl
SahkyoOne who resembles the minkGirl
SahlaEasy and convenient personGirl
SahlahShe who is gentle and lenientGirl
SahminaA sweet smelling scent, sweet breezeGirl
SahnaA form or a figureGirl
SahndraFrom Greek name Alexandra, meaning the defender of menGirl
SahojOne who is strongUnisex
SahraA bright flowerGirl
SahrahsaheA black eagleUnisex
SahriSmall and humble personGirl
SahrishOne who has glamorous personalityGirl
SahriyaAuspicious personGirl
SahuriThe Sun and the EarthUnisex
SaiJapanese name meaning paintGirl
SaibaOne with great strenghtGirl
SaibhA sweet girlGirl
SaidaThe fortunate oneGirl
SaidahOne who has great luckGirl
SaidiThe auspicious oneUnisex
SaidyA nickname of Sarah, meaning princess.Girl
SaieuaThe Lord is graciousGirl
SaifreenaShe who smilesGirl
SaigeShe who is wiseGirl
SaiglemairEnglish male nameGirl
SaihahArabic name meaning to flow, to travelGirl
SaihajleenA person absorbed in bliss and peaceGirl
SaijaFrom Hebrew Sarah, meaning princessGirl
SaijalOne who is like river water, full of waterGirl
SaijayaniPersonification of victoryGirl
SaimaA fasting womanGirl
SaimeA woman who is fastingGirl
SaimeeraShe who is a good friend and a companionGirl
SaimiA variation of Saima. It means fasting woman.Girl
SaindhavaA name for Himalayan Pink rock saltGirl
SaiqaThe power of the lightning boltGirl
SairaOne who is like a birdGirl
SairahA traveller. A happy and beautiful personGirl
SairandhriAn attendant that is employed in royal female apartmentsGirl
SairiThe feeling of satisfaction, contentGirl
SairishA person who is content and satisfiedGirl
SaiuaA name which means a ripe fruitGirl
SaiyaOne who is like a shadowGirl
SajaA calm and traquil personGirl
SajafVeil or cover.Girl
SajahA woman devoted to AllahGirl
SajalaA woman who is comapred to the cloudsGirl
SajaniA person who is well loved by othersGirl
SajayaA woman of grat and big heartGirl
SajedThe one who worships GodGirl
SajiaTo moderate somethingGirl
SajidaA devoted worshiper of AllahGirl
SajilaA person who is determinedGirl
SajiyaA person of very attractive looksGirl
SajjalNice, fine, beautiful, well-arrangedGirl

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