2873 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter S

Baby Girl Names Starts With S

Congratulations on the birth of your little princess. You must have searched through all the baby name books for the perfect name for your daughter. But if you’re still struggling, let us suggest something. How about choosing a name starting with the letter S? This letter, with its strong, yet feminine sound is highly popular for baby girl names. And it even has some positive characteristics associated with it. To know more, keep reading!

The letter S stands for a woman with a strong and unyielding spirit. The creative ideas and desire for expansion give S girls the courage to go forth on their path with decisiveness and originality. So by giving this initial to your daughter, you’ll be giving her the ability to withstand hardship and make it through challenging times with ease.

However, their intense spirit can make them quick-tempered especially when they feel life’s getting out of balance. So you may have to teach your little girl not to lose hope and strength no matter how adverse the situation is.

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, or want to give your daughter a modern name, there are loads of unique baby girl names starting with S to choose from in MomJunction's list. So peep on!

SajniA dearly and deeply loved personGirl
SajoonA loved womanGirl
SajraA form of Sara, meaning princess.Girl
SajuwaThe feeling of inner peaceGirl
SajwaA calm and polite womanGirl
SakaiTo live in prosperityGirl
SakakaweaA woman who helped Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the Lousiana PurchaseGirl
SakanA home, the homely feelingGirl
SakariaOne who is cute and sweetGirl
SakeenaOne with the God-inspired peace of mindGirl
Sakeena godA person with a god-like mindGirl
SakeenahA tranquil, serene womanGirl
SakeezaA nice smell, a fragranceGirl
SakethaA name of Shri KrishnaGirl
SakhiA good companion and loyal friendGirl
SakhiraA person who is thankful to the coreGirl
SakhiyaA generous person with a liberal mindGirl
SakiA blossom of new hopeGirl
SakibaOne who is sharp-minded.Girl
SakinaOne whose piece of mind is inspired by GodGirl
SakinahA tranquil, devout personGirl
SakirahOne who is thankfull for the small things in lifeGirl
SakoiyaA female name of Russian originGirl
SakraA person who comes from IndiaGirl
SakriyaAn arabic name meaning "Thank you"Girl
SakshiSomeone who is a witnessGirl
SakuRemembrance of the DivineUnisex
SakuraA woman who is like a cherry blossomGirl
SakurakoA child of the cherry blossomGirl
SalaA woman who is gentle by natureGirl
SalalA salal berry plantUnisex
SalaliNative American name meaning squirrelGirl
SalamaSafety and securityUnisex
SalanA refined, quick witted and affectionate personGirl
SaleemaA pure and untainted girlGirl
SaleemahArabic name meaning peaceGirl
SaleenaShe who is like a flood, torrentialGirl
SaleeqahOne who behaves goodGirl
SalehaA virtuous womanGirl
SaleheA woman who is chasteGirl
SaleishaOne who is pure and goodGirl
SalemaShe who is at peaceGirl
SalenaGoddess of the MoonGirl
SaleneAmerican name meaning HeavenGirl
SalernaEnglish female nameGirl
SaleshniCorrect, agreeableGirl
SalettaA princessGirl
SalhaA virtuous womanGirl
SalihaShe who is virtuous and devoted to GodGirl
SalihahShe who is just and priousGirl
SalihatGood deedsGirl
SalilaA girl who carries waterGirl
SalimaShe who is safe and tenderGirl
SalimahA protected, mild personGirl
SalinaGoddess of the MoonGirl
SalindaOne who shines like the moonGirl
SalindeA heavenly skyGirl
SalkaIcelandic version of Sarah, meaning princess.Girl
SallaOne who is righteousGirl
SalleeShe who is a princessGirl
SalleighA lady or a princessGirl
SalliNorse varitation of the name Sarah, means princessGirl
SallianneA variation of the name Sarah, she who is of royal bloodGirl
SallieNickname, rarely a first name, means princessGirl
SallyHebrew name meaning princessGirl
SallyannShe who is a princess-like ladyGirl
SalmaShe who brings peaceGirl
SalmaaOne who is safeGirl
SalmavatiShe who is peacefulGirl
SalmeeA woman with calm disposition.Girl
SalmiBeautiful and endearing.Girl
SalomaShe who is peaceful and tranquillGirl
SalomeShe who gives peaceGirl
SalomeaThe peaceful oneGirl
SalomiOne who is calm and peacefulGirl
SalonaA beautiful girlGirl
SaloniBeautiful, charming and beloved personGirl
SalonikaA place name, someone who is from the Greek city of ThessalonikiGirl
SaloomehShe who rewardsGirl
SalosoA cry of the wild gooseUnisex
SalouaA feeling of pieceGirl
SalsaA name of the danceGirl
SalsabeelA spring in Jannah, or the fountain in ParadiseGirl
SalsabilAn enjoyable drinkUnisex
SaludSpanish for health or cheersGirl
SalustianaA woman of good healthGirl
SalustiannaA healthy womanGirl
SalutHeath, Cheers. A spanish wordGirl
SalvaA wise young girlGirl
SalvatoraShe is the saviorGirl
SalvatriceA woman who aids in the times of difficultyGirl
SalviaA person who redeems, who saves othersGirl
SalvinaA wise woman, a saviourGirl
SalwaA woman who makes you forget your sadness and worriesGirl
SamaA woman of high status, a sublime womanGirl
SamaaA heavenm or the skyGirl
SamaaeTo reside or pervadGirl
SamaahOne who pardons and forgivesUnisex

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