87 Baby Girl Names That Start With Sam

SamaA woman of high status, a sublime womanGirl
SamaaA heavenm or the skyGirl
SamaaeTo reside or pervadGirl
SamaahOne who pardons and forgivesUnisex
SamadhiTo have complete control over the functions of consciousnessGirl
SamahA generous, giving personGirl
SamairaA compagnion in the converations led at nightGirl
SamaireThe drowning SunGirl
SamaiyaA woman who firgivesGirl
SamalaThe one who was requested from the GodGirl
SamaliA girl lovely as a bouqetGirl
SamandaFeminine of Samule, meaning the name of GodGirl
SamanehArabic name of the bird quail.Girl
SamannazA beautiful lily of the valley. The name of Kurang, king of Zabulistan's daughter, who married King Jamshed.Girl
SamanrukhA woman with a patient face.Girl
SamantaThe name of God, or The God has heard your prayerGirl
SamanthaThe God has heard your prayerGirl
SamanvitaThe name of the Goddess DurgaGirl
SamaptiA wealthy, rich individualGirl
SamarTo have conversations at nightGirl
SamaraShe is protected by the GodGirl
SamarahThe watchful mountainGirl
SamarieOne who is like a watch towerGirl
SamathaThe God has heard youGirl
SamawahThe one who has the highness of status and rankUnisex
SamawatSkies or heavensGirl
SameeahA percieving, hearing personGirl
SameehaA generous blessing from AllahGirl
SameekshaA woman with understanding natureGirl
SameeraShe who is a good companionGirl
SameerahCompanion in nightly entertainment, conversation partnerGirl
SameriaShe who is under God's ruleGirl
SameyaOne who is pure heartedGirl
SameyahArabic name meaning pureGirl
SamhitaVedic Om positionGirl
SamiOne who is sublime or in a high positionUnisex
SamiaShe who is exalted, much praisedGirl
SamidhaAn offering for a sacred fireGirl
SamihaA generous and kindhearted womanGirl
SamihahShe who is generousGirl
SamijaElevated, highGirl
SamikshaIndian name meaning analysisGirl
SamimA sencere, genuine personUnisex
SamimaA true, sincere womanGirl
SaminOne who is self disciplinedUnisex
SaminaShe who is plump and happyGirl
SamiqaShe who is lofty or toweringGirl

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