113 Baby Girl Names That Start With San

SanaBrilliance; exceptional talent or intelligence towards thingsUnisex
Sana'Resplendence; almost unbelievably majestic beautyGirl
SanaaRadiance; luminosity refelcted by something, shine above the othersGirl
SanabelPlant ears, plant spikes, ears of wheat.Girl
SanabhiCame from an Indian word meaning content. Related; associated with a person or a thingUnisex
SanaiGenius in set of certain skills, subjects, lessons in lifeGirl
SanakiEarthen plateGirl
SanandaGoddess Laxmi means good luck to hindus as well as pleasure and being joyfulGirl
SanariSweet or delightful and good-looking attractive personGirl
SanataniGoddess Durga goddess of power and strengthGirl
SanaubarCone bearing tree a tree for all seasonsGirl
SanauburTree that you can see everydayGirl
SanayaPraise-worthy, deserving of admirationGirl
SanazA flower, Rose, Full of GraceGirl
SanchaSacred, holy and mysterious oneGirl
SanchaliHighly mobiledGirl
SanchariA traveller in motionGirl
SanchayaCrowd, group of peopleGirl
SanchayiGather together thingsGirl
SancheBlessed oneUnisex
SanchitiPerson who is set aside for special useGirl
SanciaConnected with GodGirl
SandaDefender of mankindGirl
SandaraPassionate and quick-tempered natureGirl
SandeshaBrought for a messageGirl
SandhyaEvening, night personGirl
SandhyataraStar in the eveningGirl
SandiDefends othersUnisex
SandieProtector of mankindGirl
SandiptaSelf-promising, lord shiva's worshipperGirl
SandraShort form for alexandra which means protector of manGirl
SandrePerson that protects someoneGirl
SandreeaDefends and helps manGirl
SandreiaKeep mankind guardedGirl
SandrianaThe graceful defender of menGirl
SandrinProtector of humanityGirl
SandrineGuardian of mankindGirl
SanemiAs good as it is possible to beGirl
SanfaGood-looking, beautiful girlGirl
Sang HeeBenevolence and pleasureGirl
SangamUnion or to mergeGirl
SangayOne who frightens peopleGirl
SangeetVocal or instrumental soundsGirl
SanghitaA branch of vedas; Music, produce harmony and expression of emotionGirl
SanginaThe one who is polite with everyoneGirl

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