88 Baby Girl Names That Start With Sar

SarabellaA beautiful princessGirl
SarabelleA gorgeous princessGirl
SarabethPrincess in the house of the LordGirl
SarabjeetOne who won them allGirl
SarabnamAlways present name of GodGirl
SaradoraA gift from princessGirl
SaraeA ladyGirl
SarafinaA bright starGirl
SaragA princessGirl
SarahatA detailed explanationGirl
SaraidOne who is excelllentGirl
SaraideShe who is the bestGirl
SarakshiGood sightGirl
SaralaSimple, black tulsiGirl
SaralynPrincess from the valleyGirl
SaramaA kind womanGirl
SarandaGreek name meaning fortyGirl
SarannaA graceful princessGirl
SarantsatsralMoon beamGirl
SararShe who is pureGirl
SarasanaThe radiant princess or the bright princessGirl
SarashiBengali name for girsGirl
SaraswatiOwning water, a river goddessGirl
SarathiCharioteer of ParthaGirl
SaravatiA riverGirl
SarayShe who is contentGirl
SarayaOne who loves to quarrelGirl
SarayiA princessGirl
SarbariBengali name meaning nightGirl
SarbjeetOne who wins all the timeGirl
SardaAmerican invented nameGirl
SardonyxThe gemstone onyx, a red version.Girl
SareeaShe who is determinedGirl
SareemaOne who has firm decisionsGirl
SareenaPrincess, beautiful as a princess.Girl
SarenaA princessGirl
SarengiA musical instrumentGirl
SarethaAn excellenceGirl
SariaA princessGirl
SarianneShe who is royalGirl
SaribaA lovely personGirl
SarieA small riverGirl
SarielleAngel of guidanceGirl
SarikaA thing of beauty, natureGirl
SarilaA waterfallGirl
SarildaMaiden in battleGirl
SariyaClouds that bring rain at nightGirl
SarlaSimple, black tulsiGirl
SarlotaCroatian variant of Caroline, meaning strong.Girl
SarloteFree manGirl
SarmishthaShe who is smart and beautifulGirl
SarnaliThe Sun GoddessGirl
SarohildiArmored war maidenGirl
SarojiniA lake full of lotusesGirl
SaromaShe who is bashfulGirl
SaroodRhythm and ecstasyGirl
SarrauhA princessGirl
SarrinahA beautiful companionGirl
SarrotaOne who has the best taste, mature and friendly beingGirl
SarsourehAn insect, a bugGirl
SaruchiA wonderful girlGirl
SaruhA princessGirl
SarupaA beautiful womanGirl
SarvagjnaName of Goddess DurgaGirl
SarvazadA child as noble as cypress.Girl
SarvenazA tall slender treeGirl
SarviaA rich womanGirl
SarwanaShe who has good natureGirl
SarwatA wealthy oneUnisex
SarwathShe who is richGirl
SarwendahAn extremely beautiful woman.Girl
SaryThe most noble oneGirl
SaryaName for a pious womanGirl
SaryuRiver sharayuGirl

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