30 Baby Girl Names That Start With Sel

SelaShort form of selenaGirl
SelahShort form of selenaGirl
SeleA rockGirl
Seleenaof the moonGirl
SelemaGoddes of the MoonGirl
SelemahA safe placeGirl
SelenaMoon goddessGirl
Seleneof the moonUnisex
SeleniaShe who loves the MoonGirl
SelephiaThe moon or the moonlightGirl
SelewineA friend of rock, who befriended a rockGirl
SeliaThe MoonGirl
SelimaOne who brings comfortGirl
SelinaStar in the skyGirl
SelineHeavenly MoonGirl
SeliniThe MoonGirl
SelleneGoddess of the MoonGirl
SellmaOne who demands peaceGirl
SellmahA pacifistGirl
SelmaGod's helmetGirl
SelmahA divine helmetGirl
SelouaA consolationGirl
SeloueLord is graciousGirl
SeluueA social person who has an eye for beautyGirl
SelvaWoman who lives in the woodsGirl
SelvetaComfort, consolationGirl
SelviHappy prosperous daughterGirl
SelvieA happy homeGirl
SelyStrong like a rockGirl

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