452 Baby Girl Names That Start With Sha

ShaahidaOne who observesGirl
ShaairaShe who is extremly beautifulGirl
ShaaistaA beautiful womanGirl
ShaakiraOne who is gratefulGirl
ShaakirahOne who is deeply grateful and thankful for every little thing in their livesGirl
ShabaanaA young woman who belongs to the nightGirl
ShababA youthful girlGirl
ShabahangThe morning-star, or nightingaleGirl
ShabanaBelonging to nightGirl
ShabannaBelonging to night.Girl
ShabeebaOne who is a grandmotherGirl
ShabeenahA nocturnal person, who loves the nightGirl
ShabibaSHe who is like a grandmotherGirl
ShabibahA woman who is youngGirl
ShabinThe music of the nightGirl
ShabinaTo be in the eye of the stormGirl
ShabnamShe is like the first morning dewGirl
ShabririJewish demon of blindness.Girl
ShabuWoman calm like the dewdropGirl
ShachiWife on indra, intelligenceGirl
ShadaOne who resambles a PelicanGirl
ShadafShe is like a seashellGirl
ShadanCheerful, prosperous, happyGirl
ShadeeOne who sing beautifuly, a singerGirl
ShadenWoman who is like a young gazelleGirl
ShadhaaOf good smell, aromaticGirl
ShadhiyahAn aromatic smellGirl
ShadiShe is a singerGirl
ShadiaTo recieve happinessGirl
ShadiyaTo sing beautifulyGirl
ShadleenHappy and soft hearted women.Girl
ShadleyThe skull or one whith pecularity of skullUnisex
ShadmanA happy womanGirl
ShadmaniA feeling of joyGirl
ShadoeA shadeGirl
ShadyA person who singsUnisex
ShadynHe who is supplantingGirl
ShaeAn admirable man, from the fairy fortressUnisex
ShaelaA combination of names, The Butterfly princess of the meadowGirl
ShaelieA noble oneGirl
ShaelynShe is the one who replacesGirl
ShaenaA gorgeous, beutiful womanGirl
ShaexonA pretty, noble oneGirl
ShafanaA person of integrityGirl
ShafaqA virtuous woman on integrityGirl
ShafaqatA compassionate and kind womanGirl
ShafeeqaA tenderhearted and kind womanGirl
ShafeeqahA tenderhearted compassionate womanGirl
ShaffanA woman cool as a morning breezeGirl
ShafiaTo recommend something to someoneGirl
ShafikaA kind hearted womanGirl
ShafinazA pretty, lovely and kind womanGirl
ShafiqaA kind, simphatetic womanGirl
ShafiqahCompassionate, kind oneGirl
ShafiraA nice and well behaved woman.Girl
ShafiullaA woman who is comappionateGirl
ShafnaA purehearted womanGirl
ShagoofaA new flower budGirl
ShagoonAn auspicious moment in lifeGirl
ShagufaSHe is new like a new bud of flowerGirl
ShaguftaAffection, or fresh.Girl
ShaguftahA person who blooms with happinessGirl
ShahadaShe who is a witessGirl
ShahamatA woman of great bravery and valourGirl
ShahanA patient womanGirl
ShahanaA woman according to KingsGirl
ShaharOne who is lit by the MoonGirl
ShaharaA woman who is like a MoonGirl
Shahay"Beautiful. It's the name of the heroine of folk tale ""Dalay aw Shahay, a love story at the times of Mughal Emperor Akbar"""Girl
ShahdokhtA name or term used for the daughter of monarch.Girl
ShahedaShe is a witnessGirl
ShaheedaA Martyr for the Islamic causeGirl
ShaheeraAn emintent. distinuished womanGirl
ShaherbanoSHe who is like a princessGirl
ShahernazThe town's loved one, or favorite one.Girl
ShaherzadCity-born, or daughter of city.Girl
ShahfiqaA kind girlGirl
ShahiA rolyal womanGirl
ShahidaOne who is considered beautifulGirl
ShahinaShe is a falconessGirl
ShahinazA beloved, beutiful girlGirl
ShahirahA woman who makes things popularGirl
ShahisaA shah-like womanGirl
ShahlaA woman of bluish-black eyesGirl
ShahlaaA girl whose eyes a re bluish-black colorGirl
ShahlahOne who blushesGirl
ShahlylaPrincess or queen of the night.Girl
ShahmirA woman with beautiful, magical eyesGirl
ShahnaazOne who is born to be a brideGirl
ShahnazPride and bride of the kingGirl
ShahnoorA woman with a royal glow around herGirl
ShahpareeRoyal fairy and king's fairy. Or one who is extremely beautiful.Girl
ShahraOne who is giftGirl
ShahrazadTeller of tales of 1001 nightsGirl
ShahrbanoShe is the king's wifeGirl

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