172 Baby Girl Names That Start With So

So YoungEternal, beautiful and prosperityGirl
SoazigOne who comes from FranceGirl
SobeskaAppropriate gloryGirl
SobhaShe who is illuminatedGirl
SobiaA well-dressed woman.Girl
SobìslavaA form of Sobeska, meaning appropriate glory.Girl
SobiyaA name of the ProphetGirl
SoccaA food name, a kind of a pancakeUnisex
SochA reliable and honest human being; thoughtGirl
SocheataWell born, well grownGirl
SocorroA helpful person. One who will helpGirl
SoeShe who dominatesUnisex
SofiaMeans wisdom in Greek. A wise womanGirl
SofieFrom the Greek name Sophia, it means WisdomGirl
SofiekeOne who is wiseGirl
SofijaA woman full of wisdomGirl
SofiyaA wise womanGirl
SofiykoUkrainian form of Sophia, meaning wisdom.Girl
SofonisbaThe God Ba'al has sheltered herGirl
SofyShe who is wiseGirl
SofyaA woman who is wiseGirl
SohaShe is like a starGirl
SohaliaOf the moon's glow; Radiant and Shining like a moonGirl
SohnianA happy, artistic and creative beingGirl
SohviA woman of wisdomGirl
SoilaA glow of the northen polar lightsGirl
SoizicOne who belongs to the people of FranksGirl
SojournerOne who stays for a whileGirl
SokanonOne who is like a rainGirl
SokhaOne who is peaceful and content with his or her life.Unisex
SokhanyaA peaceful woman.Girl
SolaA woman who is aloneGirl
SolaceA feeling of comfort and peace, solace. An English word nameUnisex
SolanaOne who is warm and bright like a sunshineGirl
SolangeShe who is a religious womanGirl
SolarisOne who is of the SunUnisex
SolèneShe who is religious.Girl
SolbjørgOne rescued by the SunGirl
SóldísSun goddess, or woman of the great hallGirl
SoleileiaAn enduring and affectionate individualGirl
SoleineA woman with solemnityGirl
SoleneWith SolemnityGirl
SolenneShe is like a sunlightGirl
SolesteA woman who is heavenlyGirl
SoleyA girl who is like a sunshineGirl
SolfridShe is beuatiful like the SunGirl
SoliesseShe who is like a SunGirl
SolinA beautiful flower garden or parterre.Girl

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