35 Baby Girl Names That Start With Sw

SwaantjeA girl who is elegant like a swanGirl
SwabiraA truthful woman who does right by othersGirl
SwalehaOne who is a good personGirl
SwanOne who is like a swanUnisex
SwanhildaShe who is a battle swanGirl
SwanhildeA girl who is like a battle swanGirl
SwanildShe acts like a battle swanGirl
SwanildaA girl who is a battle swanGirl
SwannA swan-like personGirl
SwantjeFrisian form of Schwanhilde. It means swan.Girl
SwapnasundariA woman of dreamsGirl
SwaraTones or self shiningGirl
SwardhuniRiver of heavenGirl
SwarnaA woman of beautiful gold colorGirl
SwarnalaxmiA name of Goddess ParvatiGirl
SwarnamalaGarland of goldGirl
SwarnaprabhaGolden lightGirl
SwastiA star that can be seen from all the placesGirl
Swati15th nakshatraGirl
SwetaFair complexionedGirl
SwetambariAn angel dressed in whiteGirl
SweteloueA surname. Originaly a biptismal name of endearment meaning dear, sweet loveUnisex
SweteloveA surnname that means a sweet, dear loveUnisex
SwethynaA sweet loved oneGirl
SwetingA woman who is sweet and cuteGirl
SwetiueShe who is sweetGirl
SwetyeneShe who is a sweet loveGirl
SwetyneA woman who is a sweet loveGirl
SwintaylaA modern rare African-American name, meaning a sweet oneGirl
SwonildA responsible and clever minded personGirl
SwoosieA woman who is half swan, half gooseGirl

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