1521 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter T

Baby Girl Names Starts With T

One of the foremost responsibilities of every parent is giving their children a good name. Our name is the first thing people get to know about us, and it can greatly influence the impression it forms on them. However, finding a name that satisfies every criterion can be next to impossible. But it can be achieved if you can single out a letter. For several years, T has been a highly popular letter to begin a girl’s first name. So why don’t you also pick a name for your daughter starting with this letter?

The letter T for girls conveys kindness, tolerance, and patience. Girls with this initial have strong leadership qualities and are generally seen as a dominant force in the workplace. They are highly diplomatic and often play the role of peacemaker behind the scenes. Your daughter is also likely to be obsessive about neatness and may get distressed if things are not in order.

Apart from old school and classic names such as Tiffany, Tracy, and Teresa, there are plenty of other modern and trendy girl names starting with T, which will bring grace, power, and beauty to your little woman for an entire lifetime. And you’ll find most of them on MomJunction's baby list below. So take a look!

TarakiniStarry nightGirl
TaralaHoney beeGirl
TaraliA group of shining stars in the skyGirl
TaralynVariation of the name Tara meaning the hillGirl
TaralynnAmerican variation of the name Tara meaning hillGirl
TaranaShe who is born during the dayGirl
TaranahA harmonic songGirl
TaranehPersian name meaning a songGirl
TarangiBengali name meaning waveGirl
TaranginiA riverGirl
TaranijaRiver yamunaGirl
TarannumA compositionGirl
TarapornOne who appreciates nature and surroundingsGirl
TarashaSanskrit name meaning starGirl
TarashiOne who moves quicklyGirl
TarashiniShe who moves at a fast paceGirl
TaraswatiFastly moving womanGirl
TarbaraA strange traveller who is from a foreign landGirl
TareeA branch that is bendingGirl
TaresaFrom Greek verb meaning to harvestGirl
TarianaCombination name, from names Tara and Ariana, a holy hillGirl
TaribA lively, happy womanGirl
TarifaShe who is rare or uniqueGirl
TarikaFlower shaped earringGirl
TarillataThe LightningGirl
TarinBlend of names Tara and Erin, means a hill from IrelandGirl
TarinaOne who is from a hillGirl
TariniGoddess parvatiGirl
TariqahOne who is always victoriousGirl
TarisaiA woman who is nice to look atGirl
TaritaName of Goddess DurgaGirl
TarjaUpholder of goodGirl
TarjaniThe first fingerGirl
TarlaA radiant womanGirl
TarliA group of shining stars in the skyGirl
TarlikaName of Goddess DurgaGirl
TarloCub of a bearUnisex
TarniA salty water, sea waterGirl
TarpanaShe who is a GoddessGirl
TarraOf the tower; rocky hill or star. An astral goddess in mythologyGirl
TarrahVariation of the name Tara meaning the hillGirl
TarranOf the thunderUnisex
TarrynFrom an ancient roman clanUnisex
TarshaA brave womanGirl
TaruA vast and huge sea of waterUnisex
TaruhA happy girlGirl
TarulataA Crossing or intersectionGirl

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